Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Carrollton Ward Christmas Party

Christmas festivities began weeks ago, but we are just finally getting to post about it. I will begin with the Christmas ward party in which the kids talked with Santa and took part in their first nativity.

Just a side note: Dylan had been a little pill during the weeks leading up to Christmas, call it excitement or terrible threes, but when he received a video email from Santa himself who said and I quote, "I hear you have been a good little boy Dylan", it got even worse. After hearing this message, Dylan no longer responded to the, "you have to be a good boy or Santa won't come" threat. Whenever I said that, he quickly responded with, "well Santa already told me I was a good little boy mommy, and that he would get me a special present!" Ugh. So on the days leading up to the ward party I was at my wits end with this child and I told him that Santa and I were very sad and dissapointed in his behavior and that he needed to say he was sorry if he wanted to get any presents from Santa this year. So when he got to church, he slowly and shyly walked up to Santa and said, "I'm sorry for being a bad boy Santa". Santa forgave him and he came running into my arms with a big smile on his face because he was going to get his "special present" from Santa this year.This year the primary children all took part in the telling of the Nativity Story. Dylan dressed up as a cow and sat quietly and patiently the entire time. I couldn't believe it! He even sang some of the songs. He moved up to Primary last week and is loving it! He is finally out of baby nursery with his little sister!Sydney couldn't get enough of Baby Jesus's eye that night. She loves baby dolls, and she loves saying her new favorite word, "eye". (She does still get confused between the eye and the nose though when she says it, bless her heart :)The night ended with us being serenaded by a ukulele quartet. Cameron of course was in it along with our good friends Clay, Dylan, Forrest, and my Dylan. They sounded fabulous! What handsome and talented men!

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g-ma-ma said...

I am so bummed that we missed that --- I'm not sure if I'm maddest about the cow or the quartet, but I'm glad I at least get to see pictures. Thanks Britney!!!!