Friday, January 8, 2010

Day three @ Disneyworld- Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disneyworld- Disney's Hollywood Studios

This was one of my favorite parks, definitely my favorite day overall. There were tons of fun shows, lots of fun rides, and lots of places for me to sit and rest! After two days of waking early and walking nonstop, my pregnant belly and I were T-I-R-E-D! I enjoyed this day most of all because as you will read, we did A LOT of awesome things!

Here we are at the entrance to get into the park. I think most of these people ended up in the one line that we decided to go to first, the new Toy Story shooter ride. It was awesome! I wanted to go again but the lines were crazy...maybe next time!In line at the Toy Story ride with all the kiddos (except the Curtis's)...Where is syd?
Jim and Elaine checking out the Tower of Terror (or just showing us the backs of their awesome shirts). How cute are they? After Cameron had taken Dylan on the Tower or Terror we broke off from the crowd as they continued to go on bigger rides. The Tower of Terror is supposed to be one of the scarier rides, but Dylan did it. He came off the ride and said, "mommy, I don't want to go on the terror tower again, it was scary, and the elevator broke." Cameron said he didn't make a sound the entire time, no crying or fussing, but in the end just said he didn't like it. Are we traumatizing him and not even knowing it? Ugh, but he is so good and willing!
After breaking off we went to see The Little Mermaid (which we all loved), and a stunt show that Dylan loved, The Beauty and the Beast (ehh), and The Playhouse Disney Show. On the way out we found some Power Rangers striking a pose.
Cameron had to pose next to Star tours. Dylan loved this the first time, but for some reason wouldn't go again. Strange. Who knows the name of this thing that they are sitting on?
Dylan poses with the Little Einsteins after the show. He is trying to give a thumbs up...can someone teach this kid which finger is which?

We got front row tickets to the Indiana Jones show since the three kids (Logan, Maddie, and Olivia), were kicking off the show. I think they yelled into the mic something like, "ACTION!". Shar of course volunteered herself to be laughed at by the entire crowd (she is so BRAVE). She had a big role in the show by ooing and ahhing and being overly dramatic. She stole the show! (I am so surprised that they didn't hire her on the spot!)On the way out daddy decided to splurge and get Dylan a $10 Mickey ice cream cone (Not really ten, but close enough for me to have said NO all week) . That is so what daddy's are for right? He couldn't be happier!
On the way home the kids were so excited that I had to take a pic. They had enjoyed a great day at the park, and were now headed back to the condo for some swimming! FUN!

Our Condo had the coolest pool with three water slides and a big lava mountain in the middle spewing water. It was sweet! Oh and the water temp was like bath water which was awesome since it was so cold. It was perfect!We ate at the Rainforest Cafe for the first time ever. It was fun and definitely an experience. The animals came to life, there was thunder and there was much choas. A Mount meal for sure! Dylan was terrified of the snake coming down from the ceiling. Best Friends!We all splurged on the "VOLCANO!"

After Dinner, Elain, Coco, and Jim took the kids and let Cameron and I go back to the park to see The Osborne Lights and Fantasmic.
\The lights were amazing, and something that I have desperately been wanting to do from the moment we found out that we might be coming to Disneyworld during Christmas. When Cameron and I first saw them I was in such awe. Minutes after we arrived a song began to play and the lights were synchroniced to "dance" with the music. I am not sure why I was so moved at this moment, but tears began to swell as I watched this amazing display of lights dancing around me. I couldn't get over how incredible the moment was. Couples and families were gathered together spinning around watching this awesome sight. They all had such huge smiles on thier faces, and they were filled with such joy and wonderment. It was a moment. It was THE moment I won't forget about the entire trip. Thanks for making it happen Cameron, we almost didn't make it!!We concluded the night with Fantasmic. This was a show that I had always wanted to see gowing up but never stopped to watch since I had so many other siblings who wanted to go on big rides. It was everything I had expected and more. I kind of wish Dylan had been there with us, as it had all of the Disney Characters involved, but it was a great night to spend alone with my baby. It truly was MAGICAL!


g-ma-ma said...

I love how much you enjoyed everything Britney -- you got enough out of it for you AND me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..i believe your passes were for five days. Where are your posts about the last two days?!