Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ahoy Mateys

On Saturday the Georgia Aquarium had Pirate Day. I decided to take all of my kids, by myself, with my friend (Lisa Anderson) and her son (Dylan's buddy) Jack. It was fantastic. The kids dressed up in whatever we could find, and they had a ball. They even got to walk in a parade!
Yes, Dylan is wearing Sydney's pants. Awesome.
"Yar...walk the plank"
"Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirates life for me"

This giant tank that they have NEVER gets old. The sea animals that they have in there are amazing. I am in love with the Whale shark and hammerhead. This other thing is pretty cool that a stingray?

Macey's milestones

Macey's latest:
Macey still sucks her fingers to soother herself. Its incredible! She also started rolling over on the 11th. Now that she can roll she is everywhere! I don't remember my other kids on the move so much, but she rolls into the kitchen, into the walls, she nearly rolled down the stairs the other day when I walked into another room for 30 sec. It was crazy! She is quick!\I just love these pictures. She has such dainty features. I can't stare at her enough!
We just started feeding her solids last week. She loves it much more than we do. How can I care about mess when I have a smile like this starting me down? Could she be any sweeter!? I love you Macey Jane!
Sydney has found her best friend. She really wants Macey to move and play with her during the day. Its sad but hilarious. She will grab Macey's hand and pick up toys with it, flip pages of her book with it, or just touch her hair with it. It is so cute. I hope they will be friends in the future!

Our new addition...

We got a dog! Marley is her name, and she is a shitzu/poodle mix. I can't believe I agreed to a dog, but she was free, and we were able to test drive her for a few weeks before officially taking her. She is perfect for our family, and SO good for the kids. We wanted her for a calming factor for Sydney, and a protector for Dylan (and the family) but mostly to be with Dylan downstairs at night. She also will be good in teaching service, and responsibility. She is perfect! We are so lucky that we got her. She is 10 months, nearly potty trained, and is the perfect little indoor dog.
The kids are in love with Marley. She sleeps in Dylan's bed with him at night, and plays with the kids throughout day. I have found that if I need a moment to cook or whatever, I can send them all downstairs, and they will play with that dog for hours. It is fantastic! I even can get Dylan to have quiet time for longer than an hour in his room on the weekends. That is a miracle! As long as Marley is with them, they are entertained. Oh, and you should hear Syd call out her name. cutest. Thing. Ever. "Marwee, Marwee"

Grammer and Grandpa

The Wests came for a visit last week and stayed for a week! It was fun having them here. My kids can not get enough of them! Dylan was asleep when they arrived and went to school the next day, so when he got off the bus and Grandpa was waiting for him, he screamed at the bus driver, "thats my grandpa" It was so endearing. From then on, he lived downstairs with grandma. He couldn't stop talking to her. It was great. I would go downstairs to check on them and he had emptied his bookshelves, dressers, etc, showing her EVERYTHING in his room. So funny.
Syd was a bit shy for the first few days, but by the end of the week she wouldn't stop talking. She and grammer had a ball with the baby dolls.
Dilly and his grandpa west. What a pair.
Mom and dad had fun visiting with the babes! I am glad we had a great week...aside from the air conditioning mishap. (But I fixed it, I am so proud!)


One of our favorite things to do is feed the ducks at the lake in town. It is beautiful and the ducks/geese come right up to you. The kids love it. Syd isn't so much about feeding the ducks as she is about feeding herself.
Chilaxin in the shade
Funny faces

Awesome picture moments

The Aquarium with the West's

We went to the Atlanta, Georgia aquarium with grammer and grandpa while they were visiting last week. I think they enjoyed it, but probably not as much as the kids. It was super crowded but fun to take my parents into the city to do something fun!
When I think of my dad I think of fish. I think more topical, but still, he always loved fish, and so I thought it fitting to go here. Syd really is enjoying herself, can you tell?
This is the only place in the world that has whale sharks. They are incredible. I also love the hammerhead, but that is just me.
The touch tank is always a winner with the kids. I am just waiting however for the day that Sydney falls in head first.

The Braves with Grandpa!

Dylan had never been to a Braves game before, so in great Grandpa West fashion, we went. Grandpa West is a huge baseball fan, and he used to take us all the time to the Dodger games growing up. So of course, when he came to town he wanted to take his grandson along.
We went early for hitting practice, but...nothin'.

Dylan is humoring his daddy by listening to him try and act like he knows anything about baseball.

Look at these two! So cute. Oh, and these seats are amazing too!

2 hours + a lot of money later = awesome shirt and hat and one psyched DD! Thanks Grandpa!

Dylan was up WAYYYY past his beadtime and past out before we drove out of the stadium grounds. He was beat.
Is there any question that this is my kid?

Thanks for a fantastic night Dad!


Dylan decided to play t-ball this fall instead of soccer. I was a bit nervous because of the attention that is needed for this sport, but Dylan loves it! He needs a bit of practice but he is a natural.
The Rangers!
I wish I would have video taped his first game. Dylan's first time batting he threw the bat 8 feet after hitting the ball, he chased the ball into the field, and then his next time up, he ran with the bat in his hands. So funny.
Notice here that the other team is sitting on the ground while our team is running the bases. Love it!
I thought it was ridiculous that Dylan's latest game was cancelled due to a bunch of fire ants in the field, but looking back at this picture, I guess I can understand why.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Sydney Girl

Despite my efforts, Sydney still sleeps on her floor, by the door. (Even if we fall asleep with her in her bed, as soon as we leave we will hear little footsteps run to her door.) Ever since the removal of her crib she refuses to sleep on any bed. Ugh, I hope she doesn't grow up having back issues. I just feel so bad for her, she doesn't even bring her blankets down with her...she kicks them off if I try to put them on. Could she be comfortable at all? No wonder she still wakes at 3 every night.
Here you see her little fingers sticking out. Sydney is funny, she has her own little routines for falling asleep and waking up. If these routines are interrupted in any way, then you are in for a few hours of pure crankiness. There is absolutely NO waking her up...(I hope this changes before school starts of her teachers will hate me (and her)).
Here is the deal, when she wakes up and starts talking, you have to wait until she tries to open her door herself, or until she starts crying. If you open the door when you see her hands sticking out and playing, or when you hear banging around, then she will cry ALL morning. No joke. It is very strange. Syd has to come out on her own terms. It is odd, but when we finally open the door for her, we open it barely and inch and walk away. If we stand there or go in she just screams at us and slams the door in our face. Moody much? She keeps us on our toes, that's for sure :)

How can anyone stay mad at a face like this. I guess her beauty sleep really does pay off. Isn't she gorgeous? She is so sweet with her sister too. I love watching her play with Macey and call her apple cream. She is such a great sister!
Her and DD are two peas in a pod when they are at home. They play (rougher than I would like), and even wrestle with one another. Sydney can even stand her own ground, it's hilarious. I love these two crazy kids!
Syds new favorite thing to do is to take everything out and then put it right back. It can be books, toys, stickers, or even cheerios (imagine my surprise when I see an entire bowl dumped out all over the kitchen floor...she dumps it on purpose and will clean up every last one. Not real clean, but whatever I mop....occasionally). My favorite is when I am trying to do something important. I give her a strip of stickers and she will spend an hour putting them all over me, then take them all off, over and over again.
I love you Sydney girl!

What a little model!

The Horsey Farm

We try to go out the Horse Farm every so often, and what better time than when the Curtis's are in town!? Dylan and his best friend Charlotte had a blast! Those two are inseparable, and boy do they get into trouble together. I wish the Curtis's lived closer!

Daddy and Dylan had some daddy son time while mommy and the girls stayed home and napped. What a life!

Random Macey

Macey Jane is my most mellow baby to date. She is such a happy baby, it is unbelievable. Truly. She rarely cries, always sleeps, and is ALWAYS smiling the second you even look at her. I went a little overboard on pics, but I just can't post enough of her adorable smiling face!

For anyone that knows my nephew Casey, I think they look a lot alike in this picture. Crazy!

Here is my girl falling asleep on the floor. I am telling you, she doesn't even fuss much, she just passes out when shes tired and whines if shes wet. Sometimes I just forget to feed her because she rarely lets me know when she is hungry. She just makes a little bit of noise. It's funny. She is just SO good and EASY. (Knock on wood!)

No pacifier needed, she keeps herself busy gnawing on these suckers.

Bath time!

This is what she looks like when she is waking up. She's not the sour puss that I am...she must get this from her daddy.

I love you Macey Jane! You are turning 5 months in 5 days...where has all the time gone? Keep smilin' baby girl!