Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day two @ Disneyworld- Animal Kingdom

Disneyworld- Animal KingdomOn this day we slept in a bit since this Park had bigger rides that Dylan couldn't ride. We got there at about 9 am and met everyone at the Safari. It was a cold morning, but nonetheless, it was fun! The safari was great. We saw elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, monkeys, ostrich's, and even a leopard was out standing on a rock for all to see. The kids loved the animals, and my husband LOVED the driver! :) Ester, or Enos, or Ella from Chicago, you have found your number one fan!

Dylan and Charlotte together again!The kids were sitting outside the safari while we were deciding what to do next and when I went to get them I noticed Dylan was eating a piece of gum. I proceeded to ask him, "Dylan, where did you get that gum?" His response was,"I got it off the ground mommy". Awesome.
We went to fast pass Expedition Everest. Is that the name? The kids and I could not go on it, but Cameron could and I didn't want him to miss it. He went a few times with everyone while I stayed back with the kiddos. This was his favorite ride of all the parks (it apparently goes backwards in the dark). FUN! The kids got these adorable abominable snowmen to show for it. Imagine sleeping with one of those things, freaky!
We then went to Dinosaurland where the rides were once again too big for my kiddos, so we went on a triceratops spin with the little ones. This made up for the loss of Dumbo at Magic Kingdom.
Our favorite show of all the parks was here, at this park. The Festival of the Lion King was amazing!It felt as if we were at a Broadway show! The music was excellent, the acrobatics were amazing and overall it was two big thumbs up. It even kept Sydney entertained. WOOT!
One last shot of the Mountain on the way out. We got lost and went the wrong way, but at least we had a cute photo op (and a long tired drawn out argument on the way out Ugh! "I told you it was this way!")
The day was ended with a nice dinner at Chevy's for Casey's birthday, and a trip to downtown Disney with the girls.

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shar said...

These are sooo fun! I am so glad you take the time to put them up. I have no idea how you have the time. 2 is busy time! I need to get going on this blog thing. It's so fun to see the haps of the family. Hope your house is coming together! Waiting for the blog and pics of that!