Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day One @ Disneyworld- Magic Kingdom

Disneyworld 2009- Magic Kingdom
We were told that Christmas is the absolute busiest time to come to the parks, and so we began our day at 6:30 every morning in order to beat the crowds. Getting to the parks before opening was the key to no lines (for the first 2-3 hours anyway). On the first day we decided to follow the crowd of bigger kids (The Silva's and Curtis's) and instead of working Dylan's way up to the big rides, we decided to just throw him into it right away so that he could beat the lines later in the day. It was a great decision, as he wasn't scared at all! We went on Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain 2-3 times each morning before all the people came, it was awesome!
We all wore our red Mount shirts that were given to us on Christmas by g-ma and g-pa which made it easy to spot each other in the crowds. (After the first day of realizing how easy it would be to get lost, we decided to wear the shirts nearly everyday, they were perfect!). I wrote our phone number on Dylan's hands every day and told him to show his hands to people if he got lost. It worked, kind of...he was lost for about 3 minutes and he ran up to me nearly crying and said, "mommy, my phone numbers wiped off my hands and I got lost". He wasn't really lost, (just behind us in line a bit) and you could still read the number (faintly), but it was good to see that he knew what to do!
Dylan went on Big Thunder Mountain first. He loved it! I knew he would love the train but I wasn't sure how he would like the fast pace. Cameron went with him (since I am prego) and asked Dylan in the beginning, "You know what we do when we are having fun? We scream!" So, Dylan followed suit and screamed the entire time. He LOVED it! WOOHOO DD! It wasn't until the very next ride, Splash Mountain that he repeated this line to me, "mommy, I am screaming because I am having so much fun!"
Ali waited with Syd while we walked onto Splash Mountain. So happy!
I was so excited to see Dylan's face on this ride, it has always been a favorite of mine. This picture is proof of his terror going down the big hill. EEK! He didn't make a peep when he was scared. There were no cries, screams, or whines, just this face. Afterwards he turned to me and said, "lets go again mommy!" He rode this ride again and again until the very last day, last ride when he said, "I am scared of the dark eyes, I don't want to go again". Funny how it wasn't until later that he realized he was scared.
(I get a kick outta Madison in this pic too, does she think she is going deep sea diving?)
Charlotte and Dylan were tied at the hip throughout the week. They are a couple of trouble makers! (We found them eating a butt load of candy in Alison's closet before we left. Dylan's response was, "mommy, but charlotte knows how to open the candies!")
Mickey's Philharmagic with the Mounts
This show was so much fun. It was one of my favorites for sure.
After the Philharmagic we headed over to Pirates of the Carribean. It was here that my child had her first and last total breakdown. While we were in line Syd started screaming and it was then that we should have just gotten out of line. Usually we can find something to calm her with so I figured she would get on the ride and see the fun scenes and quiet down. WRONG! She screamed the entire time, and after getting off, we ran with her to go find a quiet place (which of course was NO WHERE to be found). It was horrible. She was screaming bloody murder and it was so crowded that we were stuck walking in herds of people trying to find a place, any place that might be quiet. Cameron and I were nearly losing it ourselves, I can't remember ever a moment where my kids cried this loud and for this was so sad, she was just so tired. I remember just standing there looking around racking our brains thinking, "what we could do?" (It would have taken 20 minutes just to walk to the entrance of the park, and there literally wasn't a bathroom or 2 foot space without people in it). It was then that we saw the train that goes around and around the park. We just left our stroller and everything that we had right there and got on ASAP (this kid was screaming out of control!) We had nothing to lose. As soon as we got on the train, Sydney settled down and fell asleep in Cameron's arms (which in her 19 months of life has probably happened 3 times). We rode the train around the entire park (20 minutes) and not only did it soothe her, but Dylan was once again in heaven. It was a miracle that we were able to find something to quiet her down, I was about to have a meltdown myself! Thank goodness for that train!
The Christmas Parade was great for my little ones. We split off from the group to see this and we all loved it. We saw every Disney character! It was picture perfect watching it take place right in front of the castle too. I don't ever remember watcing parades at Disneyland since that is when the lines get shorter for rides, but it was fantastic, I felt like a kid again watcing it!

The toy soldiers were awesome. I was so amazed at how people were able to walk in those suits and not topple over. If you look close the entire thing is made out of hard plastic and even the shoes are huge...they have weights in them to make loud noises as they walk. Pretty impressive!
Dylan loved the speedway where he could drive his very own car. He was angry though, "the cars drive on a line and doesn't let me turn!"
During the long lines we opted for something easy and fun for both kids. What is better than a carousel? Dude, am I pregnant or what? HUGE!

When you ask Dylan what his favorite ride was he says, Big Thunder Mountain and Peter Pan. He loved flying over the city in Peter Pan, and since getting back, he insists on me reading the story to him every night before bed.
I have always liked Disneyland but have never really been obsessed with it. I do have to say though, as we were leaving the park this first night I turned to Cameron and said, "there really is something magical about this place isn't there?" The lights are amazing, the castle is gorgeous, and just the vibe is just so wonderful. When we turned the corner and saw the castle all lit up it literally took my breath away. Amazing!


T-Ray said...

How fun!!! I have never been to Disney World but have always wanted to go.

coco said...

Great blogs Brit! I love the pictures....they really make it seem much more fun than it was ;o)

ps-Dylan's grumpy face is my favorite and should be my phone screen saver

g-ma-ma said...

It's so fun to see these pictures and your views of the Disneyworld experience. I kept thinking that you & Cameron were enjoying the experience the most...I guess that goes along with being the "fun couple", huh? You know I like to see and hear what everyone is doing, and that was impossible at the park so thanks for the pictures of your days there.

Anonymous said...

Dylan's face on Splash Mountain is classic! It makes me want Ollie to grow up that much faster.