Thursday, January 21, 2010

Atlanta Zoo

The weather has been super nice these last few days, so I along with some friends decided it would be fun to go to the zoo. Dylan woke up excited to go until he realized we weren't riding in the "stripe vans without seat belts" (at the Wild Animal Safari). He was very upset and yelled, "Georgia can only have one zoo just like California only has one zoo! They can't have so many zoo's mommy!" My favorite thing that he does these days is that at the end of his rants when he is mad he goes "humph" and folds his arms making a really nasty face. Its pretty funny.
Sydney loves animals and will hug them any chance she gets, even when they aren't real.The panda exhibit was pretty cool, (I don't think I have ever seen one before). Here is Luke Woolverton, Dylan and Syd.
The petting zoo...YUCK!
Benjamin and Dylan liked brushing the animals in the petting zoo. Sydney wouldn't stop touching the faces and noses of all the animals. She recently has learned body parts and wants to practice saying them (and touching them) as much as possible. She walks everywhere holding her ear saying, "ewww" and her teeth saying "teet". I love that she is learning so much these days!
As much as I tried keeping her from the animals eyes she wouldn't stop. (This is the word she is most proud of in her vocabulary right now.)

On a funny and rather disgusting note, while petting the sheep, Sydney saw that they were pooping their pellets and decided to go and try and grab them. She was unsuccessful, but a few minutes later (as I was taking a pic of Dylan) I caught her grabbing the few pellets that were still stuck to the butt of the animal. SICK! Did I mention I am not a fan of petting zoos?

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