Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Soccer, Friends and Trophies!

Dylan's first soccer season has come to a close and this is what we have to show for it:

Closer friends...
Big smiles...
Bumps and bruises...
And trophies!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Macey Jane Mount-Baby Blessing

Macey Jane Mount
Blessed in the LDS church in Carrollton, Ga
May 9, 2010
Grandma Minnie has always made my kids blessing outfits. This year however, her health has taken a bad turn and we were sure that Macey was not going to have her own gown. To our surprise though, Minnie actually decided to go ahead and make a gown. I couldn't believe it! Minnie was able to finish the front half of the gown leaving it to be finished by Grandma Elaine. How special is that? My daugther has a gown that was made by both of her Scottish grandmas. I love it!
Could my baby be any sweeter? She looks like a little pioneer baby.
Sydney thats not your hat!

We had a lot more people who were a part of the circle, but these were the only ones we were able to come take a picture after sacrament. We are so glad we have such great family and friends who are willing take part in such a special occasion.
Grandma and grandpa with their 17th grandchild.

Oldies but goodies

More Pics of my new beautiful baby girl
Check out the rockin tutu!
If I had a baby picture of Dylan handy this is exactly what he would look like at this age.
Dylan is convinced that the baby always wants to hold his hand. He wants to be touching her always...could his love language be physical touch? Uh oh. :)
Life with three children has definitely been an adjustment. Aside from post partum depression (which always seems to get me right around 3-4 weeks), the neediness, the messiness, the noise level, and the lack sleep is CRAZY. It is so overwhelming! They weren't kidding when they said three is the toughest. Wow.

Things are going a lot better now that I have learned a bit of what I can and can not do with three children. T
ip: NEVER, EVER go to a doctors appointment with three children.
In the last few weeks I have had two of the most horrible experiences of my motherhood life. Really, they were intense and although bad, they have given me an idea of how horrible things can really get. So, relatively speaking, things are going pretty well these days. :) We finally have found a routine that works, and we have loved getting to know baby Macey. Dylan loves helping take care of her, and surprisingly, Sydney does too. They are both very sweet with their sister and there is nothing greater that that. What do I have to complain about? Life is good, I just need to get used to it in order to appreciate it more. In the meantime, does someone want to clean my house and do my laundry?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Auntie Em and Baby Aliya in GA!

Emily and Aliya are here! My sister and her darling baby girl were able to come to Atlanta again this year and stay for a week after Amir's robotics competition. It was so much fun to see them, especially considering the last time I saw Aliya she was just a newborn. She is now standing, crawling and making all kinds of fun noises and screeches. I love that age!
Aliya and Dylan got a long great. She stared at him while he talked her ear off. They were so sweet together.
All smiles!
Look at Dylan with his girls. Lucky boy.
Jim took us for a ride on his boat and even towed Syd and Dylan in the tube. Aliya seemed to enjoy it and take it all in. I love her little smooshed face in the wind. So cute!
Hi CC and DD!

It was so much fun having Emily and her baby here. I hope it won't be too long before we see them again. With our families growing, it is getting increasingly harder and harder to travel. Why didn't we realize this when we all moved out of Cali? It is so sad being so far away from family :(


Why is it always so difficult to take pictures of our kids? I don't think I have a picture of Sydney before age two of her smiling. Why would I think things would change once her sister came along?

This picture should have been sufficient enough, but come on, is it really too much to ask for a smile?
Apparently... is.
At least they look cute though right?

Macey's First Bath

Macey loves the water just like her mommy and siblings. She didn't cry even once!

Atlanta Childrens Museum

Cameron has been AWESOME since baby Macey has arrived. He has helped out so much with the kids and I couldn't be more grateful. Cameron was able to get two weeks off of work for maternity leave (wahoo), and with those two weeks he did EVERYTHING for me. He cooked, cleaned, let me nap, took the kids out everyday, and he even took the kids to the Atlanta Children's Museum with grandpa. They said they had a blast! (I LOVE this place, but it is quite hard to do the kids without help since the kids are running in opposite is a good thing grandpa went to help :)
My little artists
The moon sand is awesome, I just want to lay in it! Dylan and Syd can play at this station for HOURS.
Grandpas favorite station...FISHING!
"We love our daddy!"