Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

Wow, I don't think we had enough gifts under the tree? Santa Came!
Stockings!Presents!Bigger Presents!Tearful Presents!
The Mounts made a book of remembrance of their home in Goleta, Ca that was sold this last year. Every page was dedicated to a specific child and had pictures and words about their childhood experiences (Cameron's page even had the Goleta mistress on it, Heep!) It was very sweet, and very fun reading and singing every page together. Thanks G-mama and G-papa!
Christmas Zzzzzz's!
Moody Faces!

And a cute story!
As Dylan was leaving Grandma's house he ran to get a magazine with Santa on it. As he came out the door grandma said, "what is that Dylan?" "It's a Santa book grandma, can I have it?" She thought for a minute and said, "sure you can take that". When Dylan got home he came in to show Cameron his new magazine and he said, "well, grandma's face said she didn't want me to have it, but she still let me have it."
It was super cute, he is so observant! Smarty pants!

5 day tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth!


T-Ray said...

HOW FUN! It looks like you guys had a great Christmas! Love all the Mounts!

g-ma-ma said...

Your pictures sum up the day so well Britney....thanks so much for posting this.
I still can't hear that quote from Dylan about my face without laughing. I've said things like that often to Jim -- like I saw that look, etc., but for a three year old to notice and then to be able to verbalize it....hilarious!!!