Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Dylan recently got a new BIG BOY BED! After about a month of Dylan falling asleep on the floor due to his feet touching to edge of the bed, we decided to hunker down and get Dylan a new bed. He seriously would throw fits at night because he was "too big for his baby bed". Ughh, gimmie a break! So alas, we found this bed on Craigslist and had to get it. We were looking for something that would work when Sydney moved in and that would create more room. This bed is perfect! The house part is a bit huge, but I love that it hides ALL the toys! When Sydney moves in we will either put her toddler bed off to the side, or put a mattress right on the floor under the bed, (so she would be inches off the floor). Perfect right? If only the colors were a bit more feminine...but I guess red and blue will have to work with a coed room. If you find any fabrics or fun ideas send them my way...I need to do something in there!
For now, the kids are OBSESSED ith the slide. It keeps them busy for 30 minutes at a time...what a life saver! I just have to be careful that Dylan doesn't crush Syd. NO MORE BROKEN ELBOWS! Every now and again Dylan will go stand on his bed and yell, "this is the very best bed in the whole world!" Is he spoiled or what!?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Fun!

Our homemade ghetto gingerbread house! "Can I eat the chimininey mommy?"
Santa Claus is comin' to town!
Dylan played in this sleigh for hours even putting all of his toys into a big bag, "just like Santa!"
A Santa to match his snowman

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Defective Elbows

Yes, we have yet another broken bone to add to the list in the Mount family. Last week Sydney fell of the bed at Grandmas house and broke her left elbow. Dylan had pulled her up while we weren't watching (something he has NEVER done) and down she fell. It was a 14 inch fall onto carpet, (a minor fall), one that resulted in a trip to the ER. UGH, if you recall, it was Dylan two years ago that broke his elbow while running to us on a tennis court and falling. Talk about two freak accidents! I can't believe I have had two kids under two break their elbows. STRANGE! At least Syd only needs her cast/sling on for 3-4 weeks compared to Dylan's 7.
Both pics are of our cutie pie reading her books. SHE LOVES READING! When she is crying or throwing a fit the best way to calm her is to pull out a book and read or sing it to her. Works every time! I wish the same worked for her mommy! Oh, and aren't Syd's pigtails the cutest? I love having girls...they are so much fun to dress up!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 with the Mounts=lots of food, lots of people, and LOTS of fun!

Whats a party without good food and a 3 year old setting the table?
Or without cutie babies wandering around?What is thanksgiving without Grandpa Mount being the best grandpa in the world, and planning the ultimate scavenger hunt for the kids? It was awesome!

Cameron was in charge of the "littles group".What is a scavenger hunt without a boat ride to the island?Or a human pyramid?Or a good game of b-ball?What is a scavenger hunt for kids that doesn't end in tears over circus peanuts?And what better way to end Thanksgiving day than a game of Karaoke? And/or snuggling with your cousin?

22 Weeks!

Here is the first and probably last picture that you will see of me this pregnancy. I am 22 weeks here and I already look like I am 7 months! CRAZY! It is amazing how each pregnancy is so completely different. I am bigger, moodier, zitty-er, and my heart palpitations are crazy with this one...I probably should look into that :)