Sunday, August 16, 2009

A trip to the Zoo

So throughout the week we keep saying, (and we meaning I) "This may be the last time we do such and such". And, "I will never do this ever again". So of course the zoo fell into this catagory of something we had to do again and again before leaving SB since we might never come back here again.

Before leaving for the zoo, Sydney decided to go say goodbye to the baby. I think they like each other.
The kids were so cute holding hands of and on throughout the day. It was mostly Dylan and Kali, but every now and again I would force Dylan to hold Syds hand, what a good big brother.
Syd found her sleeping place on the bench by the giraffes I think she liked the texture of it...strange. We all missed Germina the crooked neck giraffe. It is so not the same without her. RIPLook at that lion sitting right there in front, man he totally owns the place. If you look close, the lioness is between Kali and Dylan on the rock below. And how great that the train is in the background? I loved this, perfect pic of the zoo experience! The kids were in aw of these animals. It was kinda neat to see them stop and really check them out. Even syd was into it!

Dylan and Kali checking out the parrots.
It was a fun day! Going to the Santa Barbara zoo is always a fun activity. I will totally miss coming back here every year :(. Not to mention, this is where I met Harrison Ford in 7 th grade and asked him what time it was. How can any other zoo beat that!?


The Santa Barbara Historical Museum is having their annual butterfly exhibit and we finally were in town to go! The kids loved it.
After much waiting and sitting still (which is almost inpossible for Dylan), gratefully a butterfly landed on his arm...and at the same time that one landed on g-mama. Not ten minutes later did it land on him again, but this time on his back where he couldn't see it. This was quite a problem, "But I can't see it mommy!"
Syd wasn't too into it. She did try and touch them every so often and the docent was sure to remind us again, and again, that this wasn't allowed.
Awww, I like this one!

Fiesta Childrens Parade

Day two of Fiesta! Aunt Lindsay came down to Sb to go to the childrens parade with us. We met up with Katie's family who saved us seats and brought us donuts. They are so sweet! This time we got out groove ON! Check out DD! After the Flower girls had given him a flower the day before, it was his mission to fill up his hat with multiple flowers. I think he wanted to prove something there, Dylan don't worry, we all know you are the cutest boy on the block! (Aside from Luckie anyway) :)
The cutest future couple, Lucus and Syney were forced to pose together. They really enjoyed themselves can't you tell? Aunt Lindsay and Sydney! After the parade we went to the Depot to ride the train with Kalia and Dylan. We already are planning a marriage between these two too! This could be thier engagement photo!

Viva la Fiesta!

I made it! This was by far the best plane trip that I have taken alone with my two children. I made sure to pack a toy for every 40 min, a movie for Dylan, lots of snacks, and Syds favorite blankie. They kept themselves pretty happy, and I didn't have to worry about them kicking the person in front of them. It was great! About 40 minutes into the trip however, Syd fell asleep after drinking about 3 bottles of milk (the only way I could keep her from crying). About 3o minutes after that I felt the warmth of her urine in my lap. I couldn't move or I would wake her up, so for about two hours I sat there feeling the warmth come every so often. It was nasty, but just one of those things I was willing to put up with in order to keep a sleeping baby. Dylan also had potty problems but his stemmed from the fact that I couldn't get up with him to take him to the restroom. It was a sad argument to have but I had to tell him to pee in his pullup. He was very angry, but I really wasn't going to have him go by himself or have a stweardess help him After a tiny fit, Dylan eventually gave in when I offered him his favorite treat; a ring pop. What a life saver!

I also was getting wierd looks and questions from everyone about the shiner on Syd's eye (which was an accident cause by Dylans knee landing on her eye on a jumping maneuver onto the bed). It was good that I had Dylan with me because I don't know if anyone would have believed me when I told them it was cause by her big brother.So we made it to Cali! We have been having a great time. Dylan loves grandpas hot tub, the wagon, and his best friend Cali who was able to come and stay with us for a few days. Sydney, can't get enough of Grandma. It is a bit sad when I am sitting in the room and she starts crying when grandma leaves. Chopped liver! I love it! Luckily we were in town for Santa Barbara's famous Fista weekend. We went to two parades, and had fun hanging out dowtown and partaking of the festivities. During the first parade we had a little scare. For the first time in Fiesta history, two horses pulling a carriage lost control and took off down our block. It was freaky! They were totally out of control sending people screaming in all directions. Luckily I saw it early enough and was able to throw Dylan and Kalia out of the way, but Kalia now rememberes me as "the Britney who hurt my arm". So sad. It was crazy, but luckily only one person was injured. We left after that because everyone was a bit shaken up.
we wathched the first equestrian parade with Anneli, Kalia, and Elliana Neilsen. It was a happy reunion to say the least.
Dylan just like his daddy, loves the girls. when the flower girls walked by he had to stand up and get close enough to touch them. One of them even gave him a flower and he totally blushed. It was stinkin cute!Here is Dylan with his first Fista confetti egg. He came prepared with a baggie full of coins (he called it his "money bag") and he bought tons of eggs. He loved cracking them, but he struggled with the velocity at which he slammed them on peoples heads. It was hilarious. At one point Hani (at the second parade) turned around ready to sock someone for hitting him so hard...oops.