Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas toys!

The two greatest toys EVER!
My kids received plenty of gifts this Christmas, but these are the two that they can NOT EVER get enough of.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the bouncy house that will NEVER get old and will last YEARS! It is AWESOME! My friend came over the other day with her kids and the first thing she said was, "you are going to have some awesome birthday parties with this thing". I agree! We will test it out in a few weeks for Dylan's 4th birthday party. We can't wait. Thanks again for the PERFECT gift! With the winters being so cold lately, it is the perfect for getting energy out and it fits great in my basement. Love it!Aunt Karen sent these blocks to the kids and I have to admit, they even have me captivated. They are so much fun to play with! Dylan is constantly making hotels, condos, and most of all, princess castles. Funny kid. Thanks Aunt Karen! These were a HIT and will last throughout the years.

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