Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Aight, well I know so many of you have been missing my blog so i thought I would write a quick update on the Mount fam. We have had tons of visitors this month which has left NO time for blogging, but be prepared for a butt load or rockin pics and stories. Sharleen's family has been here for about two weeks, and tomorrow my brother and his family get here. They are also staying for two weeks, which will be follwed by my dad for a few days. So, it is busy and I will post as soon as I can, but that will most likely be in a while. Sorry, but i will be back in a week or two!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Memorable Quotes

Alison: Who made your nose DD?
Dylan: Well, somebody just builded me.
Alison: Who built you?
Dylan: I think Summer did.

Dylan knocked over Sydney the other day and when Cameron asked him why he did it he responded, "well, I forgot to not knock her over daddy."

And my absolute favorite that he just started saying on his own (without daddy telling him to), "I love you mommy". He randomly started saying this to me the other day, and now he says it at least 5 times a day and follows it with a kiss or a hug. It is the SWEETEST thing ever. I live for those moments, it makes motherhood so worth it!

She has TEETH!

Its been a while since I showed Sydney close up, so I wanted to show you that she now has teeth! Her face looks completely different since she has gotten her four top teeth and her two bottom ones. I have to admit, I miss the gummy smile. My cousin called it, this picture totally looks like me as a kid. I had and still have those massive West cheeks that just take over my face when I smile. Its annoying but infectious, isn't it? (At least I'd like to think so.)

Atlanta Midsummer Music Fest

We took the kids into Atlanta last night for the Atlanta Midsummer Music Festival. It was free in the park and had kids activities, booths, and best of all, free concerts! Rusted Root played, (which we saw at the House of Blues in LA years ago), and Guster was there too. It was super fun, and the kids had a blast.

Sydney is looking more and more like me! Finally!Jordyn is Syds first friend. She is such a cutie pie. We love having such great friends nearby that we can get together with. Thanks for coming Andersons and Woods!Another day with daddy. What a lucky girl!

We saw this truck on the way to atlanta parked next to chikfil-a. We of course had to knock on the window and ask the driver if our son could touch thier truck. Dylan was exstatic! He was a little anoyed that the "gravedigger" was so dirty, but he touched in anyhow. Since when does my kid not like dirt?
This video is classic. At the park some people had brought these little balloons to let fly during the concert and to put it mildly, Dylan was OBSESSED. He would let a balloon go and chase it around running through blankets, knocking over beers, and even running over a pregnant lady. He was determined! (I was embarrassed!) The only reason we kept letting him do this was because the people all around us were very entertained. They were rooting him on and telling him where to go. It was pretty cute. In fact, Elaine you will love this, while we were leaving we ran in to some people who had sat next to us and no joke one of the women said, "oh there goes that fun family, we watched you guys for hours...you were having so much fun!" I love it. We no longer are the "fun couple", but the "fun family". WOOT!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Quotes of the day

My favorite Dylan quote EVER! I was putting him to bed and he kept coming out of his room asking for things. After I said, "go to bed Dylan, now" he said in his angry voice, “I will go to bed when you stop saying “no” words to me. When you say “yes” words, I will be a good boy”. CLASSIC!

We are becoming more and more aware that Dylan really in hearing EVERYTHING that we say these days. We really need to crack down on our language! Here are just a few examples:

"You need to stop CC, Sydney, City, whatever your name is..."

"Holy Shizznit daddy!"

"Freakin stop CC!"

"Sydney, I told you three times...THREE TIMES!"

And my daily favorite usually in response to the words "crap", "stupid", or "shut up":
"Stupid is not a bad word!" (He means it is a bad word, but he ALWAYS says it like this.) Cameron and I can be having a 30 minute conversation while Dylan is sitting, falling asleep in the backseat of the car, and the second he hears "stupid" he jumps on us. It is amazing how attentive kids are. CRAZY!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Water Babies

Water is the element of choice in our family. When there is an option to do anything, and I mean anything, playing in the water is always the first choice. We have a pool on our deck, one in the yard, a slip and slide, a big bath tub, and the sprinklers. When we get board of those we head over to the water park of the Mount's or Silva's to swim. Sydney is a water baby for sure, she can't get enough! When the sprinklers are on she just tries to drink from it even though it is splashing in her face. It is hilarious that she just keeps going in for more. She cracks me up. Here is Dylan newest creation...(with a little help from his dad who is trying to break his child's neck). This lasted only a few minutes before I sadly had to stop it. There is only enough leniency that I can allow. He was gonna end up slamming his face in the ground, having a scar like Cameron has on his chin, or breaking his tailbone going down on his butt. I can't always be the "FUN" mom. Sorry kids, I'd prefer you to live well past 4, and not have stitches before your teenage years. (Oops, already lost that one.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

B-day continued

By the way, did I forget to mention that at the end of the day I checked my messages and I had a message from every person in my life that I LOVE!? (Well almost every person :)...you know who you are) How awesome is that? I am so bad at remembering birthdays and calling, but I was inspired to try harder since it meant so much to me that so many people in my life love me and think I am important. You don't even know how good that made me feel. At one point I put the phone down and took a deep breath because a group of women in my church that I have only gone out with a few times had called and left a birthday message while they were out on their girls night. I have to admit, it was a little emotional...I didn't ever realize really how much it means to me to feel loved and important to others. It makes me feel so good! It reminds me of how blessed I am to have such incredible people surrounding me. I am so sappy!

So yeah, thanks to all you who called me and remembered me...even you belated ones :)! I love you so much and am so grateful to have you in my life!

Birthday over...:(

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!

I am 27! I am getting so old, it is crazy! I am officially half the age of my mother, and that is even crazier! 27 years ago, yetserday, she had me, her 5th kid. That is nuts! I have two kids and I can barely handle that, I can't even imagine having 5. Wow, she is amazing or crazy, not sure which. Really though, 27 is different for me. My sister says that I am going through some sort of quarter life crisis, and I must say, I think I agree with her. I feel like I am finding my true identity, discovering my true desires, and actually going for it all. I can't explain it, but I am having a lot of fun figuring out what I am all about. I cut my hair, I am getting all sassy and playing with my talents, I am getting excited about school again, etc. It is so much fun, and I totally understand why they say that thirty is the best ever. I am so on my way to 30 and I can't wait to have it all figured out (if that really even exists)!

So anyway, my day started off great. I woke up to Cameron doing the dishes, asking me if I wanted breakfast (to which my response was no...breakfast=no bueno), and walking me downstairs to give me the most thoughtful gift. He had bought me some painting supplies, a learning cd, and an easel. I have been on this creative kick lately and he has been observing and seeing that creating actually calms me and makes me happy. So, he gave me this gift of course with the sweetest thought saying, "I will watch the kids anytime you want to come downstairs and take a break to paint". So sweet! He also made me an awesome music mix which I LOVE, and he let Dylan pick out a gift for me which ended up being the Cinderella princess pez. Dylan told me I was a "pretty princess". I love my boys, what more can I say?

After Cam went off to work I dropped the kids off with Grandma Maria and went with my girlfriends to lunch. We ate and shopped around, and I even was able to weasel my way into a free cold stone ice cream since it was my b-day. I still got it, even at 27!! That made my day! There is nothing better than feeling old and having a young kid think you are hot stuff. Well, there are better things, but lets admit it, that feels pretty dang good! :)

We ended the day by going to a friends house and hanging out all night playing. There is nothing better than hanging out with your close friends, I love them! The next morning (since it was a sat), Cameron let me sleep in and he made my favorite fruit crepes for brunch. YUMM! He wanted me to have a birthday week, so he has been doing everything and giving me little treats and breaks all week long. He is the man!

All in all, I had a spectacular birthday. I have to say though, and this will come as a surprise to Cameron, but my favorite part happened right as we were about to fall asleep. We had gotten home pretty late, we had climbed into bed, and just as both of us were about to pass out I said quietly, "love you honey, you're the best". Cameron responded back in a muffled and almost silent voice, "love you too baby, you're the better". We usually say things like this as we go to bed, but it really stood out for me last night and brought tears to my eyes because after 27 years, and almost 8 years of marriage, I truly have it all. I am the happiest that I have ever been, and I am so in love with my husband and my life (even though I am the first to admit how hard it is). I am so blessed, and so grateful for all that I have. 27 rocks! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

She's a Dancer!

Sydney just started dancing this week. I am not sure if you can really call it a dancing since it is more of a rock back and forth, but whatever. She can move to the beat! Woot! And she is so pretty while doing it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where is Dylan?

Last night while the kids were in bed I decided to take a shower. Syd was sound asleep and Dylan was in my bed hiding from his "scary animals" and trying to go to sleep. About 20 minutes later when I came out of the bathroom, Dylan was nowhere to be found. He wasn't on my bed where I left him, he wasn't in his room, and he hadn't gone downstairs to play. I immediately checked the front door to make sure it was locked and even though it was, I started to panic. I was calling out for him and there was no response. I was thinking the worst. After a few minutes I realized he was probably hiding, which made me mad because he wasn't responding to my call like he usually does. Where could he be? I checked out all of his favorite places to hide and low and behold, there he was, sound asleep under my bed. I was so relieved to find him, and felt bad that I had taken so long in the shower. He must have been waiting for me for about 15 minutes before he passed out. What a cutie boy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dylan quotes of the week

1) Dylan has become obsessed with princesses thanks to hanging out with his cousins and their friends. He recently began watching Barbie princess movies and of course, the Disney princess movies. Right now he is liking Sleeping Beauty and when he wants to watch it he begs in the cutest voice, "Mommy, I wanna watch the sleeping booty movie, I like sleeping booty". It's so stinking cute.

2) At night when Dylan is going to bed, he will find any excuse to come out of his room. He wants a drink, he "can't hear anything" meaning he wants his music turned on, his animals are scaring him and he wants me to cover their eyes, and most recently he has "big boogies". He will seriously walk out of his room with an arm held out and a boogie on his finger saying, "Mommy, I have a big boogie for you". He refuses to throw it in the trash and so he puts it on my finger and proudly walks back to his room. Disgusting! I guess we can't complain since he isn't eating it right?

3) At nighttime Dylan is always asking for his "Dark Vader pajamas", daddy is so proud!

4) Lastly, here is a video of him talking on the phone. He is pretty funny to watch, and he'll seriously talk for an hour if you let him. Here he is talking to Coco:

Sydney sleeps!

Sydney is going to be 14 months this week and for the first time in about 11 months, she slept through the night! Can you believe it!? Ever since her seizures started and she was hospitalized her sleep has been WAY off. With all of the medicine adjustments, I just was never able to let her cry it out because it seemed like her little system was just in pain adjusting. So, I did what mothers do best and I comforted her...a little too much. There have been weeks where she would wake up every 45 minutes and would not fall back asleep unless I came in and rocked her. EVERY 45 MINUTES! I just felt so bad for her, and she knew it, I became a slave to her...and once I realized that I decided that this HAD to stop, especially since Cameron started working the 9am shift which forced me to get up in the mornings. So, this last week I decided once and for all, I was going to let her cry it out. It took one day, and two whole hours! But that night, after screaming for what seemed like an eternity, she slept all through the night, not once waking up and crying. This has continued, but unfortunatley, as it goes with two children, once one starts doing better, the other tends to fall back. Dylan has been sleeping with us and waking up the last few nights due to a fever. Ughh, but at least I haven't had to deal with both kids at night. Sydney wakes up at 6 which isn't my favorite, but I am so grateful that she is finally sleeping through the night. It makes a world of difference to have 7 straight hours of sleep without any interruptions. Hallelujah! Lets hope it sticks!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Love at Home

Recently, Dylan has started to really enjoy playing with Sydney. He actually loves her now! I can't believe it! He loves tickling her, hiding from her, tackling her, and making her laugh. It is so much fun to watch. When my kids are playing with each other there is so much happiness! It reminds me of A church hymn that we sing, "Love at Home" the first verse goes like this:

There is beauty all around,
When there’s love at home;
There is joy in every sound,
When there’s love at home;
Peace and plenty here abide,
Smiling sweet on every side,
Time doth softly, sweetly glide,
When there’s love at home.

Cheesy? Yes. True? Completely!
Sydney in return, LOVES her big brother. She follows him around like a little puppy wanting to do everything that he is. Here she is in the car holding his hand while he is sleeping...isn't that so sweet? Every now and again he would wake up and pull his hand back to his body, and she would reach right over and pull it towards her so she could hold it. I was so glad I had my camera handy. Those moments are priceless!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Nights

For a while now, we have been having a bunch of Cameron's co-workers over after work every Thursday. We usually hang out and watch the Office, talk therapy, and/or just play with the kids, but it has become a staple during our week and we love it. Here is Joseph (but he goes by Josey in our house) and Karimah primping Josey's hair, I couldn't resist the pic, Dylan is fascinated with the fro, he loves touching it (it makes Cameron want to grow his out again...please do not support this idea!)
Dylan is in love with both Joseph and Karimah and they actually have a running tally as to who is Dylan's favorite...right now its Josey, but in ten minutes it will be Karimah when she tries and succeeds in winning him over with a bribe of some sort. I love that they love and fight over Dylan, its brings so much joy to a mother to watch others love their child. I can't really explain it, but it is just so wonderful. Cameron is so lucky to have such great people to work with, really, they are all awesome!

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Cameron celebrated his 31st birthday last week, and after sleeping in he was able to go relax outside in the hammock with D. I can't believe how old we are getting, I still remember when MY parents were that young, CRAZY!

Cameron finally got some new work clothes, (HE LOOKS SOOOO GOOD IN THEM), and the new Eminem album (which is pretty gnarly, but really good). This year there were no singing telegrams, but his workers surprised Cameron and took us both out to lunch, it was so sweet. We also celebrated of course with friends and a night of aweful dancing and karaoke. It was awesome, especially the Ice Ice Baby sinfg off! Cameron was definitely in his element, and enjoyed the festivities. He even took the guys out to show them his new rip board that his parents got him, (kind of like a skate board but on 2 wheels and with a different design). This is his new favorite toy, lets hope he doesn't break his legs on it.

Happy Birthday CAM! LOVE YOU!