Sunday, April 22, 2012


It has been 3 days in a row where Dylan left me laughing with something that he said.  

Day 1:
Dylan: Mommy I like you hair
Me: What do you like about it?
Dylan: That it looks long and pretty like a teenager. It's not in a ponytail like mommy's wear all the time.

Crap.  My 6 year old notices and even cares about this?  And does he know that it supposed to be the other way around.  I am sorry Dylan that you have such a Lazy mom!

Day 2:
Me: Lets go downstairs and clean your room
Dylan: Aw, but I wanted to go outside and stare at the clouds and hug the earth

It must be Earth week at school.  Happy Earth Day today!

Day 2 again: (We found a turtle in the woods today and were talking about it with over dinner)
Daddy:  Maybe we should make turtle soup Dylan
Dylan:  Well, only Republicans eat turtle soup.  Republicans like to hunt and kill things. 
Mommy: Are you Republican Dylan? 
Dylan: No.
Mommy: But you like to shoot things right?
Dylan: Yes mommy, but I am a Democrat.  I only like to shoot things that aren't the grass, or the turtle shell after the turtle is gone out of it.

Hilarious!  I tried to record this but my phone wasn't working.  Cameron and I were DYING!

Today, Day 3:
Dylan: Sydney and Macey are going to be really pretty...and I am going to be really cool.
Me: Well, you are handsome too Dylan
Dylan: No, I don't want to be handsome.  I want to be cool and make people laugh.  Being cool means I can be kind of cute too.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Dylan found a box last week and who knew it would keep him so entertained? He cut holes for the head and arms and wore it around the house and even brought it out to his cousins house (He cried when we almost left his "box".  Then, one morning I woke up to this:
 "Mommy mommy, come look at what I made!  His name is Jr.  You put a quarter in here (the hole in the side that even has a cup taped inside to catch the coins), I press this button, and drive this car back and forth to get the machine to work, and then you get to pull something out. If you give me two quarters you get two things."

I love this kid.  I love kids!  I love that all they need is a few basic supplies and their imagination to keep them happy and excited about life.  Now what will I :accidentally" leave in the living room floor next? Maybe a Pringles tube.  Stay tuned!

My little Princess turns 4

Hear Ye! Hear ye!
Calling all Princesses and Princes too
Sydney is turning 4 and she is inviting you!

Sydney had her very first Birthday party with friends and what better theme than princess?  She has been to a couple princess parties and have loved them (mostly for the sake of dressing up).  Since I was unsure of how she would do with a party, I figured if nothing else, dressing up would cause her to be excited.  It worked!  She woke up and saw all the decor, (which you can't see in any pics of course..crepe paper, balloons, etc), put on her costume and oohed and ahhed over everything.  "It's my birthday party today!" 

We might have had more fun with the prep than anything else:
Shar was on the 'Pin the fire on the Dragons Mouth' game (she is AMAZING!) .  This was a good way to get the boys a little more involved
 Coco was on editing the book so Sydney was the main character in the book that Snow White was to read (all her idea...SHES AMAZING TOO!)
Ali was on cupcakes (AMAZING :), while Cameron, Sarka (friend of the family), Myself and Madison decorated and planned the events

The Party Begins: 
The Girls are waiting for the guests to arrive

 My little Princesses!

 Crown decorating after the bouncy house downstairs: (spray painted Burger King crowns)
Snow White arrives!  (Cousin Madison)

 Snow White reads to the kids A book about Princess Sydney and her birthday party.
 The food and goodie table: (Yes those are castle shaped sandwiches!) 
Almost all food is gluten/casein free (aside from sandwiches since we made one for Syd)
Party Favors: Swords and bags of fun dress up jewelry and gloves.   
Face Painting done by Snow White herself:

Pin the Fire on the dragon:
 Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Sydney, happy birthday to you.

While opening gifts, many of the kids decided to help out. Rather than get upset about it, Sydney just turned to Cameron and sweetly said, "Everybody is helping me daddy".
 Her favorite gift of all: Tangled dress and set of Princess shoes.  Don't leave home without em!
Overall the event went off with a hitch!  My favorite part was just watching Sydney and her awareness of her special day.  She knew and understood that it was her birthday and that it was all about her.  Check her out on the chair with Madison in front of everyone!  She asked to sit there! (I could not believe it, she truly knew that it was her place and she seemed to be a bit entitled.  Oddly enough, I couldn't have been happier with that!) She also was very sweet when she opened her gifts saying, "oh wow" and "can I open it?" over and over. She had great reactions and it made it all worth it.  My baby girl is growing up!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Double Trouble

Note to self: make sure to pick up ALL pens after playing...these two little ones are TROUBLE! 
 "Mommy, I make a mess!"-Sydney  
"Mommy, make mess!"-Macey
And hey, at least it wasn't my walls!