Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Dylan recently got a new BIG BOY BED! After about a month of Dylan falling asleep on the floor due to his feet touching to edge of the bed, we decided to hunker down and get Dylan a new bed. He seriously would throw fits at night because he was "too big for his baby bed". Ughh, gimmie a break! So alas, we found this bed on Craigslist and had to get it. We were looking for something that would work when Sydney moved in and that would create more room. This bed is perfect! The house part is a bit huge, but I love that it hides ALL the toys! When Sydney moves in we will either put her toddler bed off to the side, or put a mattress right on the floor under the bed, (so she would be inches off the floor). Perfect right? If only the colors were a bit more feminine...but I guess red and blue will have to work with a coed room. If you find any fabrics or fun ideas send them my way...I need to do something in there!
For now, the kids are OBSESSED ith the slide. It keeps them busy for 30 minutes at a time...what a life saver! I just have to be careful that Dylan doesn't crush Syd. NO MORE BROKEN ELBOWS! Every now and again Dylan will go stand on his bed and yell, "this is the very best bed in the whole world!" Is he spoiled or what!?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Fun!

Our homemade ghetto gingerbread house! "Can I eat the chimininey mommy?"
Santa Claus is comin' to town!
Dylan played in this sleigh for hours even putting all of his toys into a big bag, "just like Santa!"
A Santa to match his snowman

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Defective Elbows

Yes, we have yet another broken bone to add to the list in the Mount family. Last week Sydney fell of the bed at Grandmas house and broke her left elbow. Dylan had pulled her up while we weren't watching (something he has NEVER done) and down she fell. It was a 14 inch fall onto carpet, (a minor fall), one that resulted in a trip to the ER. UGH, if you recall, it was Dylan two years ago that broke his elbow while running to us on a tennis court and falling. Talk about two freak accidents! I can't believe I have had two kids under two break their elbows. STRANGE! At least Syd only needs her cast/sling on for 3-4 weeks compared to Dylan's 7.
Both pics are of our cutie pie reading her books. SHE LOVES READING! When she is crying or throwing a fit the best way to calm her is to pull out a book and read or sing it to her. Works every time! I wish the same worked for her mommy! Oh, and aren't Syd's pigtails the cutest? I love having girls...they are so much fun to dress up!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 with the Mounts=lots of food, lots of people, and LOTS of fun!

Whats a party without good food and a 3 year old setting the table?
Or without cutie babies wandering around?What is thanksgiving without Grandpa Mount being the best grandpa in the world, and planning the ultimate scavenger hunt for the kids? It was awesome!

Cameron was in charge of the "littles group".What is a scavenger hunt without a boat ride to the island?Or a human pyramid?Or a good game of b-ball?What is a scavenger hunt for kids that doesn't end in tears over circus peanuts?And what better way to end Thanksgiving day than a game of Karaoke? And/or snuggling with your cousin?

22 Weeks!

Here is the first and probably last picture that you will see of me this pregnancy. I am 22 weeks here and I already look like I am 7 months! CRAZY! It is amazing how each pregnancy is so completely different. I am bigger, moodier, zitty-er, and my heart palpitations are crazy with this one...I probably should look into that :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dylan Days

I know I have been writing about Dylan a lot lately, but at three years of age, he is pretty entertaining. Here are a few of his recent quotes/songs/stories:

1) Today as we were doing a snowman project, Dylan had the most adorable conversation with me:Dylan: Guess what? It's going to snow on Christmas mommy, just like in the Polar Express.
Mommy: Oh I am not sure sweety, it only snows in really cold places like Utah where Grandma lives.
Dylan: Well, go tell Heavenly Father to make it snow. You can go to Heaven and tell him, but I guess I will go tell him. But I don't know how to get there, is, is Heaven at the temple?
Mommy: No sweety, it is very far away, and we can't go to heaven until after we die. You can pray and ask Heavenly Father for snow though. I am not sure if he wants it to snow on Christmas, but you can try and ask him.
Dylan: Well, he has controls to make it snow every Christmas, people just need to ask him. Let's ask him tonight mommy.

2) Lately, Dylan has been getting scared again at night and sneaking into our bed while we are watching TV. Its weird how he feels safer alone in our room with the lights off than in his with a night light on. Strange. How did he not fall off the bed?
3) Do you remember whn Dylan started calling me "ugly" and "not pretty". Well he came in this morning to tell me this:

Dylan: Mommy, you are pretty
Me: Really?
Dylan: Yes. When you were having a boy you were not pretty, but now that you are having a girl, you are very pretty mommy. I love you. (He then proceeded to pull up my shirt and talk to his baby sister)

Could I love this kid anymore than I already do? Really, I don't think so.

4) Dylan is obsessed with Christmas. I am sure I have mentioned this before, but he loves this holiday. He loves the lights (enough to put them onhis Christmas list), the tree, the music, the books, the movies, and Santa. He has always loved the Polar Express, (ever since he was introduced to it last year). It has been a weekly bedtime favorite all year round. Recently too, after books, Dylan falls asleep to the Polar Express CD after listening to Grandmas voice read the book on a cd. I am telling you, obsessed! I have been getting a little nervous about it all because he is so into it, even at the point to where he really believs that the Polar Express is actually coming to pick him up in Christmas eve. I keep telling him its just a book and not for real, but he won't have it, he "believes" just as the movie and book teaches. Ugh! I love it, but I am not so keen on the whole lying thing...its such a dliemma for me. I do have to say though, that the magic in his eyes when he talks about the Christmas holiday and all that he loves, inspires me a little bit. I can't explain it, it is just beautiful. He is so innocent and full of wonder, it truly is a joy to witness. This is becoming MY favorite time of year too!
Here Dylan is singing one of his favorite songs off the Polar Express cd. Pay no attention to his choice of clothing (another obsession of his). Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Its a Girl!!!

I found out today that we are having another baby girl! I am so excited! I thought I wanted another boy, (since I feel they are easier), but after hearing that I was having a girl, I was giddy as all get up. I was prancing around the Doctors office as I was leaving, and I jumped up and down when I got to my car to drive home and tell Dylan. I am just so excited, and really I am not sure why. I think its fun that Syd and her sister are going to have their birthdays only days apart, both will be Aries, and that they will be close in age. They will be such buddies, and that is exciting! I also love the fact that Dylan is the only boy, and especially that he is the oldest (he gets to stand up and protect his sisters). Isn't it so perfect?!

I think knowing or at least feeling like this is my last child has really made me excited for our future. While leaving the office today, I could just see our little family on vacations, the two little girls running in the waves while Dylan is out with his daddy boogie boarding. I don't know. It felt complete. It felt right. I was full of JOY and anyone who has truly experienced that knows that there is no greater feeling in the world. I love my family!

I will post the ultrasound pictures soon!

Friday, November 20, 2009

DD and his new "Feelings"

Recently I have noticed that my little boy is becoming a bit sensitive, I love it. He wasn't always like this, maybe it’s at 3 when kids start developing deeper feelings (or maybe it’s just that he finally understands those feelings). Either way he is so sensitive these days and it is fun watching him demonstrate his emotions in different ways.

!1)\During stories:

A few weeks ago I was putting Dylan to bed, and he asked me to tell him about his birth and how he had to sleep in a suitcase (“soupcase”) for a few days, (he knows this story well, in fact he keeps asking us if the new baby will be yellow). After telling him the same story that I have told him for months now, he started rubbing his eyes really hard trying to hold back his tears. I asked him what was wrong and he began sobbing saying, “I can’t get me face to stop crying mommy.” I held him in my arms and got him to settle down. After leaving his room I heard crying again a few minutes later. I ran in and he was almost yelling now, “My face is making me cry, I want my face to stop making me cry!” It was so bizarre, he couldn’t tell me why he was sad, but since then I have avoided his birth story all together. I felt so horrible!

2) When he breaks something:

Just recently, Dylan has started getting really emotional when he breaks something. Never before has he cared what he ruins or who he hurts, and if you have met my kid you know that he is the typical 3 year old who cries when he wants something and doesn’t get it, when he gets in trouble, etc. Take note that this cry is more of a loud cry more to make a scene and prove his point more than anything. But recently, when he breaks something (before I even see it or say anything), Dylan drops his head and runs quickly into his room. He then proceeds to lay face down on his bed and cry; a silent cry. It is so heartbreaking. I always run in after him and tell him it’s ok and that I am not mad, but he doesn’t care until I can show him that I can fix it. (This has made it difficult and quite annoying for those unfixable broken things like glass. I would rather just throw things away, but I have to show him that I can fix it.) It is quite interesting. My favorite part of it all is that as soon as I show him I can fix it, he gets this huge smile across his smile and jumps into my arms giving me a huge hug. I can honestly say that these moments are my most favorite of all, his expressions and raw emotions are priceless! I LOVE IT!

Du During Movies:

Today we decided to watch the animated Pixar movie UP. Neither of us had ever seen it, so I thought it would be a fun thing to watch before Sydney got up this morning. For anyone that has seen the movie, it has a lot of depth to it. It is more of a thinker, and the music itself leads the audience to where it wants them to go. I noticed a few different times, Dylan would start rubbing his watery eyes right as the music would change during a semi sad moment. I would ask him if he is sad and these are the responses that I received:

Dylan: (When the bird got hurt, Dylan with a tear in his eye), Oh, the bird got hurt mommy. Now the bird is going to have to live in a big bird wheelchair. Me: Oh he is going to be ok, look they are taking care of him. Dylan: I don’t like when movies try to make me cry.

At the end of the movies when the house floats away, the second that the music went slow Dylan's eyes began pouring and he began rubbing his face really hard:

Me: Dylan are you sad? Dylan: I don’t like when my face makes me cry mommy

Isn't it interesting that even at this age he is ashamed to show any real tears? He shows them plenty when it is crying over a toy, or an ouchie, but NEVER when its a deep emotional reaction. I wonder where this is learned? Or why the instinct is to hide it. I also find it fascinating that at 3, the music already touches him so deeply. The second I witnessed this I realized he was ALL Cameron. Interesting don't you think?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Dylan "Pwojects"

Here are some of Dylan's more recent projects. The first are Halloween decorations that Auntie Coco sent for Dylan. Isn't she the best? This was a perfect gift especially since they took 3-4 days to complete! It is always hard for me to come up with new ideas for projects, so this was a life saver during the Halloween season! Thanks Coco!
Here we made a music shaker for Dylan and Sydney to play with while they dance to their drums. Dylan loves this one!Dylan was crying one day because his blocks wouldn't stay in his truck. So, knowing me, I created a project! We decided to try and find a way to keep them in there while he drove his truck around the house to his dumping station. Shoe boxes, scissors and paper can work wonders for a crying child. (He even was able to decorate it himself when it was all done.)We decided last year (during the after Christmas clearance sales) that Dylan should have his own tree in his room this year. We spent an afternoon lighting it and decorating it with "idaments" of course. (He refuses to call them ornaments :)
Lastly, we decided to make a Christmas countdown chain after Dylan's sad experience this last week. On Sunday we decided that since it was such a nice day out, that it would be the perfect time to get our Christmas decorations out. (Yes I am aware that Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet, but we never have nice afternoons in November, especially on we decided to go for it!) After a long day of decorating everything including the Christmas tree, it was time for Dylan to go to bed. He put up a fight for about an hour, crying and giving me every reason in the world why he shouldn't go to bed. And then, after about 20 minutes of getting him to finally settle down, he comes out, crawls into my lap and says, "mommy, I can't sleep, when is Santa going to get here?" I instantly felt horrible because I had forgotten that kids have no sense of time, and that I didn't tell him that Christmas is still a ways away. It was so sad! He was just so excited for Santa, and the Polar Express train to come! The Chain project was the first thing on the to do list for Monday so that this would NOT happen again. Poor kid. Only 35 more days!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have been sick for the last few days and of course, it is only getting worse. This is probably due to the fact that I refuse to go get medicine that is sitting at the pharmacy waiting for me. I have a viral infection which goes away with time, but to ease my comfort there are four prescriptions I can take waiting at CVS right now...but I am pregnant. Does any one else have a problem with taking meds when they are pregnant? Cameron doesn't understand (maybe because he is the one who has to deal with me when I am useless and tired), but I just hate putting things in my body that might not be good for the baby. I can put up with chest pain, coughing, wheezing for a few more days if it means I might be helping my child avoid getting drugged up. Now, Don't get me wrong, if I was sick to the point where it was hurting the baby, and I needed antibiotics, that is one thing, but this will pass on its own, and I just feel wrong easing my discomfort when there is a small chance it could hurt the baby. I don't know, that is just me.

Anyway, Dylan has been watching an obscene amount of TV these last few days because I have been so sick. So today he actually said, "turn it off mommy" right in the middle of his favorite movie. I was shocked, and immediately felt horrible that I haven't been able to give him the attention he has needed. It quickly passed as we exchanged a few words back and forth to each other while getting Dylan ready to go to Grandmas house for the evening.

Me: Dylan, make sure you don't watch any TV at grandmas today, you have already watched a lot.
Dylan: No I haven't. But mommy, (with a coy smile), lets just make that our secret.
Me: What is our secret?
Dylan: That I watched a lot of TV and you don't want me to watch any more. Don't tell grandma, its our secret mommy ok?

So dang cute! And so smart...I can't believe he is only 3 and the manipulation and hiding has already begun! CRAZY! Check out this video, Dylan has already found the prefect name for the baby! (Lets hope its a girl...for his sake!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quotes of the day

Dylan has recently been telling me that I am not pretty. Its horrible to hear this from a child, since we all know, kids do not lie. So (after giving him a talk), I have been trying to do myself up a little more during the day so he doesn't grow up thinking his mom is an ugly slob. So today I was getting dressed while he was in the bathtub and he says this:

Dylan: Mommy you are ugly.
Me: Dylan that hurts my feelings, and is not very nice.
Dylan: Well, you are ugly, but you aren't really ugly
Me: What does that mean Dylan?
Dylan: Just your skin is ugly (as he stares at my prego belly)
Me: Oh this skin? These are called stretch marks. As the baby gets bigger they get bigger, and I have to agree with you, they are ugly aren't they?
Dylan: Yes. But your whole body skin is ugly too. Sorry mommy.

Nice huh? Love the self esteem building!

A few weeks ago while at Grandmas he yells to Grandma, "You have to come over and see my new knobs!" (referring to the new hardware on our kitchen cabinets).

And just now, on the way home we drove past a police car on the side of the road:
Dylan:Oh look at the policeman mommy
Me: Looks like there was an accident
Dylan: No mommy, somebody is just getting in trouble for stealing things

Monday, November 9, 2009

What are you thankful for?

Today was Sydney's 6th month checkup with her neurologist in Atlanta. It has been exactly 6 months since her last seizure, and she is doing great. Her motor development is where it should be, and her language, though a tad behind, is improving every day (even the speech therapist wasn't concerned when she saw her last month). Sydney is thriving and there is nothing more I could ask for! So why did I leave the center sobbing this afternoon?

Answer: The Emory Childrens Center that I take Sydney to is right outside the Children's Hospital in Emory. I park in the same place that I did when Syd was in the hospital 10 months ago. I go through the same elevator and and walk through those same double doors every time I take her to her Neurology appt. It is a constant reminder of the fear, and heartbreak that I, Cameron and Syd faced just a short time ago. It is always very sobering to make this trip, but it is a great reminder of how blessed we are that Sydney is doing better, and that there IS a medicine that will work long term if this epilepsy does in fact last throughout her life. So, I left the office after a great visit, and as we walked out the door Dylan started jumping up and down yelling, "Helicopter, helicopter, mommy!". I looked up and leaving the roof of the hospital of course was a helicopter with the words, Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta written on it. I instantly began to cry. Call it hormonal pregnancy emotions, but I couldn't help but think of the sick or injured child that was being transported, and/or the parents who were living their worst nightmare having to witness the pain of their child. I couldn't help but see 8 month old Sydney strapped to a gurney in that ambulance, and remember the feelings that I had had driving with her and just watching, praying that the seizures would stop and there wouldn't be any brain damage. At that same moment, I began crying even harder, sobbing (a little uncontrollably) because I was so grateful that we weren't there, in that moment, or situation anymore. We have answers, and our baby girl is thriving! And at that moment I couldn't hold the tears in, I was so overwhelmed with emotions of happiness!

To make things worse for a hormonal crying pregnant woman, I get in the car after calming down and riding yet again that same elevator (this time with two sick kids in wheelchairs) and as I leave the parking lot, the song "Thankful" by Josh Groban comes on (yes it is on his Christmas album, and yes I am already listening to it :) Here are a taste of the lyrics:

Somedays, we forget to look around us,
Somedays, we can't see the joy that surrounds us,
so caught up inside ourselves...
there's so much to be Thankful for,

It's an AMAZING song and of course moved me once again, bringing me to tears. It was at this point that Dylan said, "Mommy, when are you going to stop crying?" Poor kid, his mom is crazy!

It was a good day. I love being reminded of how blessed I am, and how happy I am. I tend to forget that...often.

Here is just a cute video of Sydney playing with her blocks. If you listen close you hear her say, "here you go" a few times. It is her first official sentence!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grammer and Lindsay visit!

My sister Lindsay and my Mom were finally able to make it out to Georgia after 3 long years. My mom hasn't gone on a vacation in 5 years do to her disability, but she worked up the courage and decided she could come to GA! It was so great having them both here. We had a blast playing games, staying up late, shopping, cracking up over Dylan and Sydneys personalities and comments, celebrating halloween, etc. It was fantastic! It was so much fun to see them loving and enjoying my kids. Likewise, it was great to see my kids loving all over them!
We went shopping for toys and bought the kids some things from Grandpa and Grammer, Dylan picked out the coolest tool set, he loves it! The next day he wanted a tool box from the store and when I told him we could put it on his Christmas list, he threw it on the floor and yelled, "I don't like Santa!" Spoiled much? I quickly told him, "Shhh, Santa can hear you", and he didn't say anything else about it. :)
We watched a movie together, and mom enjoyed Syd's late night company. (She refused to sleep knowing there were people in the house that she could play with.) SUCH A MOUNT!We took fun pics, none of which the kids would even give a slight smile for. Pretty girls!
Can't you tell how much the kids are enjoying this? I love moms face in this, priceless! By the way, you can see a bit of my prego belly here.


Happy Halloween!
Since we are going to have a Disney Christmas in Orlando this year, we dressed the kids up in hammy down Disney costumes and decided to do a Disney Halloween as well. Auntie Lindsay and Grammer came to celebrate with us. It was so much fun!
We carved Pumpkins...
We had good ghoulish grub...We played with Aunt Georgia and Uncle Gene who flew in from Cali, and watched our cousins in their homemade Horror film "The Secret Service Ninjas"...We trick-or-treated by hayride...We wore winter jackets due to the rain and frigid air...We terrified out children...And we were there to catch them as they conked out...It was a successful Halloween, one that poor little Dylan will be too tired to remember. Can't wait to do it all again next year!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Festival

Last night was our church Halloween fall festival. This is my favorite event of the year, as the chili cook-off is delicious, the pumpkin desserts are fun to make, the kids get to trunk-or-treat, and the adults get to have a reason to dress up and be silly . This year I wanted to be a strong contender for the best dessert so I decided to cook up a pumpkin cheesecake. I didn't win, but I received tons of compliments from the youth which totally made it worth it! At the end of the night I even got up and sang the monster mash with some friends, I have gotten to be so brave...when did that happen?Grandma is so lucky...she gets two babies at the same time!? :) Next to Syd is her cousin Casey. Aren't they so adorable?Dylan loves Sum Sum! I didn't have a costume but Dylan insisted that I wear a princess dress, or at least wear something from his dress up box. I decided to crimp my hair and put on his witch hat...which sadly ended up getting left on the stairs at home (oops!). I aim to please!Does this look like a child who will be scared of clowns later in life? Do you wonder why I look at this picture and cringe? That clown is freaky! Nice Holly!A picture of what is to come in two days! WOOT! Dylan went to all of the trunks and and soon as he was done, took off and went again, and again, and again. Little cheater! I couldn't keep up! He came up to me after the last few cars were closing thier trunks and said, "Ok mommy, its time to go, look at all my treats". He knew what he was after, Seinfeld was right, all these kids are ever thinking is, "get candy, get candy, get candy...". It was hilarious! After searching for the bottom of my springform pan in the trash (men who can't tell a plate from a metal pan, urgh!), we went home with a large bucket of goodies andtwo happy, tired children.Here are our friends Tabitha, Daniel, and Benjamin enjoying the costumes. Take note Dylan and Syd, they are both sitting still...and not crying! I have such wiggle worms for kids...always so much energy, where did they get it from?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday

My favorite Sundays consist of snuggles and treats (and usually a nap). This week Dylan had a bit of early morning quiet time. Check out his drawing of an airplane...I was very impressed! Too bad I couldn't frame it. This was Dylan's treat project for the day...he made the cupcakes and together (with me directing his hands) we decorated. Yummy!Sydney is in love with Dylan's favorite monkeys. He even gave her one of her own that she can walk around with and sleep with. He is so sweet sometimes! Coco, you found gift that keeps on giving! :) She was up in the middle of the night last night and the ONLY thing that would calm her down was this monkey. The second I gave it to her she grabbed it and just starting hugging it and talking. This lasted for over 45 minutes! Thank you! thank you!

Halloween festivities

It was Halloween early this last week. We had an event at the Disney store, and one at the local library, both of which had the kids dress up in costume. As a stay at home mom I am always looking for something different to do during my day, so when I find little events and festivals I am ALL on it. This week though, I think that had I known the outcome of both events, I would have opted out. It was a struggle to say the least!The Disney store event was a disaster! I know Cameron that you hate that word, but it really was horrible. We drove all the way to the mall only to get there and be stuffed into the back of the store. Not only did they not move any displays aside, but they also did not have any kind of microphone or PA system set up, (so you couldn't hear what the employees were saying). So imagine 40 dressed up kids, parents, strollers crammed into the back of the store, you can't hear anything but kids crying because they can't see or hear and because people are touching them and knocking off their "mickey ears", and the kids are being asked to play hot potato while the parents sing an obscure Disney song out loud (Jimminy criket). "Now make sure everybody touches it just once" they said. Are you kidding me? It was LAME! Luckily we started walking out when the next game began which was a Micky Mouse hunt. Since we were in the front of the store we found 5 right off the bat, Dylan loved that game, because he was finding more than everyone else. He still didn't win since the winner had two kids and combined thier mickeys...what a crock. They won a power ranger DVD and sadly it was for two girls...really? After this event they did a parade around the mall which would have been a lot of fun, but Dylan decided he had to use the bathroom (the second time in 30 minutes), so we missed out on that. Oh well. Disney truly dropped the ball on this halloween event, but then again so did I for expecting anything but craziness!

We did white tights and a black nose at the mall...what do you think compared to the library?

Sydney went all black this time and I decided to not paint thier noses, better?
Here is Syd with her friend Daniel the fish. He won for best costume in thier age group! I love the leggings!
During the parade part of the party Sydney decided to throw a fit. I love when that happens in's not embarrassing at all! Prize for cutest tantrum? Anyone?The kids sat and listened during story time, but when it came to announce costume winners Dylan began to cry. He kept changing seats and saying, "Mommy, she can't see me". It was so sad. After all of the prizes were handed out he came running over saying, "she didn't see me, she didn't give me a prize for my costume". I would have given anything to just get that bag full of junk at that moment, but we had to sit and have a talk about not always winning and getting what you want. In the end he was handed a treat bag for coming which I thought would resolve things, but when we got home he said, "I don't want you to ever take me there again!" He was so upset, and it was heartbreaking. Poor kid. How do you teach against sore losing? Maybe by not calling it a crock when the other kids combined thier Mickey's and won? Shoot! :) I hate being competitive! I am still irked about last year when Dylan didn't win for his Dr. Seuss does Dr. Seuss (and the cutest Dr. Seuss I might add) not win at the library? Really? Like there was anything more creative and appropriate for the location. A kid in a store bought Indian costume won and Dylan got 3rd that was a crock! :)