Wednesday, January 27, 2010


They finished tiling our floors today and look what a difference it makes! I love it! Our next big project is to paint the cupboards and or the kitchen table. Maybe this summer! Oh wait, I forgot that Jim and Cameron are going to tile the bathroom. We will keep you updated on that...should be interesting!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pregnancy #3

I haven't blogged much about this pregnancy and I am not sure if that has been intentional or not. As some of you know, and have heard, I am S-T-R-U-G-G-L-I-N-G! I thought having kids before 30 was supposed to be easier on your body. I am 27 dang it and I feel like I am 70! People say that with each baby the pregnancies get harder and harder, but dang, I had no idea it would be this tough. I feel like the biggest gimp, the biggest cry baby, and overall just the biggest wreck on the planet. I have had PMS pretty bad before, and I have had moments in each pregnancy that has lead me to think I was crazy, but this surpasses all of those moments combined. I am just a walking nightmare!

Example 1: I am driving home from church and started freaking out over the window (since the child lock was on). I just started pounding on the window and the button like a crazy person. Cameron just looked at me, and I turned and just started bawling like a psycho person.

Example 2: At least 6 times a day I say out loud, "I am about to lose it and start crying so leave me alone for 5 minutes". I then proceed to go into a room (any room), and cry loud and hard for about 3 minutes only to be followed by complete normalcy. My kids must think I am totally insane. Seriously.

Example 3: This is sad but nother example of my complete craziness. Sydney was crying all day long the other day and at one point she was in her room trying to sleep and I said (while doing the dishes, and under my breath of course...and totally not being serious), "Sydney, you have to stop crying or I am gonna rip your face off". Ok, I know this is totally something extreme to say, but it just came out and again, it was just a moment and of course I wasn't giong to harm my child, but I look over and Dylan was standing there slumped over and crying. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen. I felt like the worst mother on the planet. What is wrong with me?

Example 4, Ailments: My back is killing me and keeping me from doing anything with my kids these days. I am constantly pushing my children off me because they are sitting and jumping, and stepping on my stomach which HURTS. I have twisted my ankle 3 times in 4 days by stepping on things and just being clumsy. And yesterday, while at the zoo I stood up (after sitting for about an hour at the playland) and my pelvic bone felt as though it was falling out of my body. I believe my baby dropped, but that is no excuse, I could barely walk. My eyes were watering the rest of the day due to the pain, but I didn't want to spoil the fun for my kids and the people we were with. It was ridiculous! How am I going to last 10 more weeks? I am no longer waddling but tottering. The two definitions given for that are:
  1. To sway as if about to fall.
  2. To appear about to collapse
I don't think there could be a more perfect word for my given state.

So there it is, I am a complete mess. I tell you this only so that when you see or talk to me you understand why I am acting so crazy, and so that when I look back at this I will know that I am NOT DOING THIS AGAIN! :) Everytime I cry or freak out I just turn to Cameron and say, this is why we are not having another child and we both can chuckle. It is just too hard and I can NOT sign up for it again. Its a miracle and all, and I love that I am blessed to be able to bear children, but man, I have to be able to complain every now and again right? I have to be true to the experience and tell it how it is. So that is it. I have 10 more weeks and I have no idea how I am going to make it. I am starting to think I might actually go early this time since my body is just falling apart, but who knows. Pray for me, and my kids!

No pictures are necessary right? Maybe I will take one this week. Be prepared, along with being crazy and gimpy, I too am bigger and beefier than I was during the other pregnancies. I look like Martin Short in the movie Pure Luck when he was stung by all those bees. 10 more weeks...the countdown begins! (Ok I posted a pic...don't judge!)

Cute Dylan story about the baby:

I was giving the kids a bath and talking to them about the new baby and I said, "I don't know how Sydney is going to do with this new baby, she might not like her since there will be two babies instead of one". Dylan than says, "Well, Sydney will still be my favorite, the new baby can be daddy's favorite and I will be your favorite, ok mommy?"

Atlanta Zoo

The weather has been super nice these last few days, so I along with some friends decided it would be fun to go to the zoo. Dylan woke up excited to go until he realized we weren't riding in the "stripe vans without seat belts" (at the Wild Animal Safari). He was very upset and yelled, "Georgia can only have one zoo just like California only has one zoo! They can't have so many zoo's mommy!" My favorite thing that he does these days is that at the end of his rants when he is mad he goes "humph" and folds his arms making a really nasty face. Its pretty funny.
Sydney loves animals and will hug them any chance she gets, even when they aren't real.The panda exhibit was pretty cool, (I don't think I have ever seen one before). Here is Luke Woolverton, Dylan and Syd.
The petting zoo...YUCK!
Benjamin and Dylan liked brushing the animals in the petting zoo. Sydney wouldn't stop touching the faces and noses of all the animals. She recently has learned body parts and wants to practice saying them (and touching them) as much as possible. She walks everywhere holding her ear saying, "ewww" and her teeth saying "teet". I love that she is learning so much these days!
As much as I tried keeping her from the animals eyes she wouldn't stop. (This is the word she is most proud of in her vocabulary right now.)

On a funny and rather disgusting note, while petting the sheep, Sydney saw that they were pooping their pellets and decided to go and try and grab them. She was unsuccessful, but a few minutes later (as I was taking a pic of Dylan) I caught her grabbing the few pellets that were still stuck to the butt of the animal. SICK! Did I mention I am not a fan of petting zoos?

Snow Day!

It snows about 2-3 days every year in GA, but usually not until March or so. It came early this year, and it actually stuck for about 5 days causing nasty ice patches everywhere. It was crazy cold! My car was snowed in because I didn't have a snow shovel (who owns a snow shovel in GA?). All of the schools were closed for a few days and even Cameron's work (which never gives him ANY days off) had to close down. It was a fun family snow day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Pictures 2009

I am officially done blogging for 2009! (Pay no attention to the fact that it is Jan 18th.) Here are the pictures that our family took for Christmas pics...we had trouble deciding which ones we likes since there truly are no GREAT ones. How is it going to be taking a pictures with 5 next year? CRAZY! We loved the ones by the lake, but we had already taken the other PICTURES at Thanksgiving, and sent out the cards by the time we took these. Bummer. I am proud to say however, that I finally am going to print this blog into a book! WOOHOO! It's been two years since I started and I am ready to start making it a habit of printing every year. What better way keep an acount of my children's lives? I love it! I know picking up a pen and paper would be just as easy, and much cheaper, but since when do I do things the easy way?
Oh and FYI: I am 5 month pregnant (looking like 7) so...yes I am a little puffy all nice!
The Georgia Mount clan at Grandma and Granpa's lake houseThe new boat! The kids are in heaven, especially Syd!

This girls hair is everywhere, and her poor little broken arm is so sad. I love this pic though.
Happy 2010 Ya'll!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas toys!

The two greatest toys EVER!
My kids received plenty of gifts this Christmas, but these are the two that they can NOT EVER get enough of.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the bouncy house that will NEVER get old and will last YEARS! It is AWESOME! My friend came over the other day with her kids and the first thing she said was, "you are going to have some awesome birthday parties with this thing". I agree! We will test it out in a few weeks for Dylan's 4th birthday party. We can't wait. Thanks again for the PERFECT gift! With the winters being so cold lately, it is the perfect for getting energy out and it fits great in my basement. Love it!Aunt Karen sent these blocks to the kids and I have to admit, they even have me captivated. They are so much fun to play with! Dylan is constantly making hotels, condos, and most of all, princess castles. Funny kid. Thanks Aunt Karen! These were a HIT and will last throughout the years.

Day 5 at Disneyworld-HOME

Day 5 at Disneyworld-HOME

We had one last day at the parks, but after a long, fun, tiring week, we decided to just wake up and drive home. We were planning on going to Epcot for a few hours before driving, but it was rainy that day, and Dylan had proven to us that he was done with all of the madness. Here is a quick story to explain:

On the morning of the 5th day, D woke up at 5:30 screaming for a treat and some popcorn. We tried to calm him so he wouldn't wake Sydney, but he was hysterical. He was tired, and the crying lasted for about an hour. Cameron and I were exhausted and frustrated with this of course, and so it was at that point that we knew going to the parks would probably not be a good idea. We started packing our things, and Dylan continued to throw fits left and right about popcorn, cheese, clothes, and really, anything and everything. (It was at this point that I wish I would have just given in, but we had to stand our ground, right? Who knew it would last another couple hours?) He was as whiny as I hav EVER seen him (even ask G-mama she was there to witness the craziness). After we had everything packed up in the car we try to get dylan dressed. Wow, you would think that we were murdering the kid. What horrible parents we were to get him dressed! Cameron was done putting up with Dylan at this point and so the real story begins:

I look over and Cameron sternly is asking Dylan to pick up his sock which is 12 inches in front of him. Dylan leans over and starts playing with the sock in his fingers but continues to cry and say, "I can't reach it". (Can you visualize it?) Cameron then starts counting to three for a spank and Dylan doesn't budge. He's bent over touching the sock but will not pick it up, so Cameron proceeds with a spank. Dylan sits up and yells, "ow" then bends back down to play with the sock again as Cameron says, "pick up the sock Dylan". "But I can't", he whines, and so the pattern continued...again, and again, and again, and again. It was terrible, but at one point after about the 7th spank I just broke out laughing, and I couldn't stop. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen...Dylan was as stubburn as ever, and Cameron would not give it up. All of us were tired and cranky and just ready to go home. We got out things together, (I finally stepped in and put on the dumb sock), and we drove home as fast as we could. We were sad to have missed Epcot, but we were ecstatic to be on the drive home, with our Disney toys from Grandma Minnie and Maria, and with TCBY on the way, yum!

It was an awesome trip, perfect length, perfect company, and perfect condo! Did I also mention that Sydney's language, sleeping, and eating habits completely changed on this trip? She ate like a champion ALL day, she slept through the night every night with Dylan in the room, and she learned to say apple, ear, mouth, happy, eye, etc. Since coming home her language has taken off, it is incredible! There are so many things to take home from this trip, and I am so grateful! We are so thankful for the Mounts and the Grand Mounts who so graciously shared their time shares with us and helped us with the tickets! It truly was a Christmas to remember!
Thank you guys!

Side Note:
The trip was great until we got home and it was freezing outside. We went to open the door, and of course, no keys! We had been driving for 9 hours and we couldn't get inside our house. I sat in the car with the kids while Cameron went through every bag. We even called Jason to use his spare that we thought we had given him and he couldn't find it. We were stuck! So we said a prayer in the car and I opened up one of the consoles (which we had looked in previously about 3 times) and there they were! Woohoo! We thought it was exciting until we walked into the house and found our kitchen flooded. We ran downstairs to the basement and yes, that too was flooded. What an end to the day eh? The faucet upstairs had leaked through the walls and the ceiling downstairs onto the floor. The carpet has finally been replaced, but we are waiting on kitchen flooring since the insurance is not given us enough money to fix it yet. Urgh! Here are a few pics, I didn't take much of when it was torn up because I wasn't here for a couple days. This is just what we have (We had our big bouncy house spread out across the floor downstairs so it held a lot of water and kept the ground from being too saturated, but sadly it was still moldy by the time we came home, so it all had to be replaced. Shmrr!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Four @ Disneyworld-Magic Kingdom

Disneyworld-Magic Kingdom

On day four we decided to go back to the Magic Kingdom since this is where Dylan and Sydney enjoyed their time the most. The rest of the family went to Epcot but we wanted to come here since we weren't sure if we would be able to come back in the morning (because of rain). We woke up early (since it was New Years Eve and all of the parks had closed by 12pm each day due to full capacity). We were there early enough and again, and were able to go on a BUNCH of rides before the crowds hit. Dylan was a bit more hesitant to go on the bigger rides for some reason. (I think its because we took him on all of the scary rides at the other parks...oops!) Dylan went on Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain a few times each but he pulled our arms around him this time when he was scared. He actually said no to going on Splash Mountain one last time at the end because of the scary eyes (note that it wasn't the drop that scared him!). (We didn't take a whole lot of pics this day, sorry :( )

Here is Dylan trying to wake up, as you see, the excitement of it all has worn off a bit to where we were pulling him out of bed rather than trying to keep him in bed. He was exhausted!

Check out their sweet jackets that they got from Santa this year. Syd looks like a pink lady!
We went on a lot of the more mild kids rides on this day. the T-Cups is one in particular that I continue to ask myself, "what was I thinking?" The baby girl in my tummy wasn't a fan of this ride, but the one in my lap loved it!Mickey Blue eyes! What a stud! Mommy and DD at the exit ready to leave! We left in the afternoon as the crowds were just getting ridiculous, Dylan had done absolutely EVERYTHING, and the kids were ready to swim at the condo. Too bad we got lost in the parking lot for 35 minutes trying to find our car. Idiots!
Cameron wanted to pose with his gamer shirt on to advertise his podcast on What a geek!

Here Dylan is showing how much "fun" he is having by screaming. So cute! He does look a bit scared doesn't he? He still tells me every once in a while, "mommy I want to go on Thunder Mountain and scream to show you how much fun it is".

We went home that afternoon to go swimming with the family and you wouldn't believe what happened!? Grandma and Grandpa taught D how to swim! I have been trying for months but I was forgetting a couple of simple instructions, "keep your head down and butt up". He was swimming in no time between all of us. I couldn't believe it! He was even coming up a couple of times for air. We need to keep practicing but he is well on his way. WOOHOO! Thanks gamma and gampa!

We ended the evening with an adult dinner at the Cheescake Factory for Heidi's birthday. All the kids were left at home with the older ones and so we were able to have a break after such a long week. It was a great night with lots of YUMMY food.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day three @ Disneyworld- Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disneyworld- Disney's Hollywood Studios

This was one of my favorite parks, definitely my favorite day overall. There were tons of fun shows, lots of fun rides, and lots of places for me to sit and rest! After two days of waking early and walking nonstop, my pregnant belly and I were T-I-R-E-D! I enjoyed this day most of all because as you will read, we did A LOT of awesome things!

Here we are at the entrance to get into the park. I think most of these people ended up in the one line that we decided to go to first, the new Toy Story shooter ride. It was awesome! I wanted to go again but the lines were crazy...maybe next time!In line at the Toy Story ride with all the kiddos (except the Curtis's)...Where is syd?
Jim and Elaine checking out the Tower of Terror (or just showing us the backs of their awesome shirts). How cute are they? After Cameron had taken Dylan on the Tower or Terror we broke off from the crowd as they continued to go on bigger rides. The Tower of Terror is supposed to be one of the scarier rides, but Dylan did it. He came off the ride and said, "mommy, I don't want to go on the terror tower again, it was scary, and the elevator broke." Cameron said he didn't make a sound the entire time, no crying or fussing, but in the end just said he didn't like it. Are we traumatizing him and not even knowing it? Ugh, but he is so good and willing!
After breaking off we went to see The Little Mermaid (which we all loved), and a stunt show that Dylan loved, The Beauty and the Beast (ehh), and The Playhouse Disney Show. On the way out we found some Power Rangers striking a pose.
Cameron had to pose next to Star tours. Dylan loved this the first time, but for some reason wouldn't go again. Strange. Who knows the name of this thing that they are sitting on?
Dylan poses with the Little Einsteins after the show. He is trying to give a thumbs up...can someone teach this kid which finger is which?

We got front row tickets to the Indiana Jones show since the three kids (Logan, Maddie, and Olivia), were kicking off the show. I think they yelled into the mic something like, "ACTION!". Shar of course volunteered herself to be laughed at by the entire crowd (she is so BRAVE). She had a big role in the show by ooing and ahhing and being overly dramatic. She stole the show! (I am so surprised that they didn't hire her on the spot!)On the way out daddy decided to splurge and get Dylan a $10 Mickey ice cream cone (Not really ten, but close enough for me to have said NO all week) . That is so what daddy's are for right? He couldn't be happier!
On the way home the kids were so excited that I had to take a pic. They had enjoyed a great day at the park, and were now headed back to the condo for some swimming! FUN!

Our Condo had the coolest pool with three water slides and a big lava mountain in the middle spewing water. It was sweet! Oh and the water temp was like bath water which was awesome since it was so cold. It was perfect!We ate at the Rainforest Cafe for the first time ever. It was fun and definitely an experience. The animals came to life, there was thunder and there was much choas. A Mount meal for sure! Dylan was terrified of the snake coming down from the ceiling. Best Friends!We all splurged on the "VOLCANO!"

After Dinner, Elain, Coco, and Jim took the kids and let Cameron and I go back to the park to see The Osborne Lights and Fantasmic.
\The lights were amazing, and something that I have desperately been wanting to do from the moment we found out that we might be coming to Disneyworld during Christmas. When Cameron and I first saw them I was in such awe. Minutes after we arrived a song began to play and the lights were synchroniced to "dance" with the music. I am not sure why I was so moved at this moment, but tears began to swell as I watched this amazing display of lights dancing around me. I couldn't get over how incredible the moment was. Couples and families were gathered together spinning around watching this awesome sight. They all had such huge smiles on thier faces, and they were filled with such joy and wonderment. It was a moment. It was THE moment I won't forget about the entire trip. Thanks for making it happen Cameron, we almost didn't make it!!We concluded the night with Fantasmic. This was a show that I had always wanted to see gowing up but never stopped to watch since I had so many other siblings who wanted to go on big rides. It was everything I had expected and more. I kind of wish Dylan had been there with us, as it had all of the Disney Characters involved, but it was a great night to spend alone with my baby. It truly was MAGICAL!