Monday, September 19, 2011

Camp Jellystone

We had our FIRST EVER camping trip last weekend! I know I know, what sounds fun about taking a baby camping? That is the exact question that none of us asked ourselves as the groupon popped up and we had only hours to buy. A deals a deal right? It actually worked out ok...for us. We went with two other families, the Andersons and the Snow's. That brought the total to 3 babies, and 4 kids (3-5 years)! Intense. The first night Jeremy A. had to drive home at 3 am with their baby Max who would NOT sleep. Poor guy. He came back in the morning for the days activities, but his family left that night, understandably. The Snows left too so that they could make it to church on Sunday...those righteous folk! Cameron and I however debated staying. We were tired and though Macey slept ok, it wasn't great and Cam had a headache. So, Cameron went home with the girls and left me alone with Dylan. It was awesome! Dylan and I started the fire together, made tin foil dinners and banana boats, and stayed up late reading books and doing shadow puppets in the tent. It was so much fun! I love spending time one on one with my kids, especially my boy. He is so much fun at this age!
So the place that we went was Yogi Bears Jellystone Park/Camp. It wasn't real camping but it was fun and had its perks. It was perfect for kids. The kids brought their bikes and rode, they had a few animals, a train, a mine to pan for gold, 2 parks, and a super fun pool. To top it off, the weekend we went they had a city festival with bouncy houses, a parade, etc. It made for a good time!
Its a bummer that we didn't have two nights with everyone, but that first night was great staying up late around the campfire with such great friends. We will definitely do it again sometime...when the babies get a bit older.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three for the books!

This summer has not allowed for a lot of down time, hence the lack of posts. But, there are a few stories that are worth remembering:

1. 1. Dylan's favorite cousin Charlotte came to visit this summer. These two are inseparable, and always getting into trouble. Last summer I walked in on them upstairs in Alison's closet, lights off, faces covered in chocolate, and about 30 candy wrappers on the floor. Clearly, they had found Alison's secret candy stash. That was nothing though compared to this: We came home one night from who knows where and Coco had been babysitting. To preface it, downstairs next to a picture of our wedding proposal I have a jar of dried roses that have been there for 11 years. 11! They are the roses that Cameron proposed to me with; 3o red, and 2 whites. So anyway, Coco was upstairs watching Macey (I think), when she decided to go check on the kids downstairs. Apparently she had walked in on a wedding ceremony between the 2 kids. There was a white wedding dress, veil , the works. And what better thing to walk down the isle on, than crushed rose petals? Yup. No joke. Luckily they didn’t crush all of the roses, but still…11 years! My favorite part of this story though I didn’t hear until later. It was at this wedding that Dylan had his first kiss. Yup! Kissing cousins. Nothing like growing up in the south!

2. 2. Sydney is AMAZING when it comes to music. She doesn’t have a whole lot of language, but when it comes to songs that she has only heard but once, she can practically sing all of the verses. Every now and again Cameron and I will hear something new and turn to each other in awe. This last week it was a lady gaga song, Marry the night. One of which I have only heard once. We turned to each other and asked, “where did she hear that song? Have you played it recently?” To which we both responded, “nope, I hate that song”. She has an amazing memory when it comes to music. I am thinking this girls is going to be do well with studying as long as she has music on…Cameron was the same way. Somehow things just stick and they can remember certain facts depending on the song that they studied with. Pretty awesome. I still love how she will randomly pull out Justin Beibs, Baby baby, song. I don’t even own that song, let alone listen to the radio…ever. She heard it at the pool once and it has stuck with her forever. Cute huh!?

3. 3. Garments. I am not sure how I tell this story, since it is somewhat of a private and sacred subject but I will do my best. As member of the LDS religion we wear undergarments that signify covenants that we have made to our Heavenly Father. Dylan recently decided that he wanted to look more like his mommy and daddy and so began begging for garments. It was so funny and random. He would cry about it randomly when he was getting dressed. It was kind of strange. We tried to explain the covenants to him and how he will get to wear them when he is older, but to no avail, he kept on pushing. I decided to go and get him some boxer briefs in hopes that he would get over it and move on. It worked! He now refuses to wear anything but these, which can I just say, are the cutest things on little boys. They make him look like a little man. I love it. He is getting so big! Anyway, as we were out buying some cool Star Wars ones when he shouts from a distance, “I found some garment tops! I have to have these!” He came running over with some undershirts and now, even on the hottest 98 degree days, he must wear an undershirt. What an odd little boy, and so observant for a 5 year old!

Schools Days

Dylan is officially a kinder-gardener! He was so excited, you can hardly tell. :)
Dylan's favorite friend from last year, Autumn, happened to be in his class this year.
He is such a big boy!
Sydney started school too! She is in a 3-4 class with her good friend Daniel Gibson 3 days a week. I never thought I would send my baby to pre-prek, but I have been told by many people, (including 3 of her therapists), that she needs to be in a school type program with other kids. I was sad at first to let her go, but I can already tell that it is going to be VERY good for her. Her therapist from last year even goes to her school to work with her there. Its great! Just yesterday (only 4 school days after starting), her teacher came up to me after class and said, "she didn't stop talking ALL day." Yay, I hope her language keeps on growing and improving!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dragon Con Parade 2011

We finally made it to the Dragon Con parade this year, and I promise, we will not EVER miss it again. It was hands down, the greatest parade I have ever been to, and I am from California! :) It was SO entertaining, especially because of how stoked our kids were. It almost felt like Christmas in the sense that we couldn't get enough of seeing the kids faces light up. Dylan went as none other than Darth Vader and every now and again we could catch a glimpse, (through the side of his mask), of his smile spreading from ear to ear. I would have paid big bucks to see was so dang cute! He was the star of our block as he stood up and battled anyone who walked by with his light saber. We even had CNN news come and take some pics.
picture number 4:
Sydney went as batgirl, and Macey as superman (girl). These are the costumes that we chose this years for this Halloween. Our family is going as super heroes! Since the parade, Sydney has not wanted to wear anything other than her "bad guy" costume. Hilarious. I have become one of those parents that takes her kid to the grocery store in a full head to toe batman costume. Rad. She does me proud!
Whenever Dylan saw someone of his "kind" he raised up his light saber with pride, as if to say, "I am with you, see me"
Supergirl found her daddy
"The heat, my gosh the heat!" (we had to disrobe Macey before she passed out from heat stroke)
I swear Chewy wasn't 15 feet in the movie. What gives?
At last! Is it bad that my 5 year olds idol is Darth Vader? Humm....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Aunti Em and Aliya Visit

Auntie Em and cousin Aliya came for a visit last month. We had a lot of fun just hanging around town and catching up. It was so much fun to watch the kids play together.

Aliya is getting so big! What a cutie she is, look at this face:
We fed the ducks at the lake
We celebrated Aliya's 2nd birthday
We went to the lake
We had lots of daddy time!
We went to Jumpin Joeys. It was Aliya's first time.
The kids LOVED the jumpy houses, but not as much as this helicopter.
They swam A LOT! Here they were cold, wet and loving their yummy smoothies.
We had a great visit with Emily and Aliya. It is always so much fun when they come to visit. I don't know who enjoys it more, me or the kids :). I love my Sista!

Endless Summer

Lake Time
Dylan has become quite the climber. And on those tiny scary!
Slip-Sliding days never end. I love these kids!
This was the first time I really wished we didn't have a dog. Not only did she barf three times on the couch, but it wasn't until I got up to clean it that I found I was sitting in a pile of it.
Dress up is the new "thing" in our house these days. I don't think there is EVER a day where the HULK isn't pulled out. Don't you love how these kids accessorize thier costumes?
My little Macey Jane just keeps growing!

Dylan woke up with a tick in his ear. YUCK! Thanks Marley. I am SO glad that I have a Dr. in the family who would get it out for me! Thanks Jason (or Jason's nurse for that matter:)
Conntry at last! Here I am at the Rascal Flatts concert with the Mount girls, Thanks Ali and Heidi for a fantastic night! I'm not really sure what the Lional Richie encore was all about, but it made for a few laughs. Pretty sweet stage effects.