Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Jimmy Dee!

Happy Birthday Big Jim! 
We all wrote messages in the balloons and then released them together at the grave site.  This was Dylan's:
The girls wanted to lay with Grandpa and give him hugs.  They do this every time we go to the site.  They still cry at night for Grandpa.  Macey specifically cries that she wants grandpa to read her a story.  :(  That was a special thing that they did often together in his big chair

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Little Princess

What am I going to do with this girl?  
It could be 10 degrees outside and yet she will be in high heels and a dress like this.  She is a riot, and such a little performer! If she isn't wearing dress up clothes, she is wearing one of her Sunday dresses or her cheetah skin outfit that Gmama got her a few months ago.  Truly, she lives in about 6 clothing items.  She is so PICKY! 

Waiting for the school bus to get here!  "I wanna show the bus driver my "married" dress!"
 Me: Who do you want to marry when you grow up?
Macey: Well I cant marry Daddy because he is married to you.  And I can't marry Casey or Dylan because they are family.  I am going to marry Conner and he can drive me in his car.
 Crazy eyes
The Apple surely does not fall far from the tree...

Random Fall Fun!

Gorgeous Macey Facey at the Soccer Fields
We bought an apple peeler/slicer! I hae ALWAYS wanted one of these.  This is the kids new favorite after school snack. :)

A new trail just opened up that goes around the entire city of Carrollton, its called the Green Belt.  It is awesome and we try to ride on it every week.  The kids love it!
 Painting Pumpkins!
 Candy Apples!
 Aunt Ali likes to read to the kiddos
Playdough time!
Dylan's most recent art.  Ok, he is 7 years old.  7!  He draws better than most 40 year olds!  Look at that shading, texture and perspective!
Ice Cream Dates!  We have new behavior charts and when they are filled up, the kids get an ice cream date. 
The girls are now sharing a room!  IN preparing for baby James, we have decided to put the bpoys and girls together.  The girls love sharing with each other and whispering stories to each other at bedtime.  Sydney also likes reading stories to Macey at night.  It is adorable and is working out so much better than I had thought!
Art Time
Johnny Appleseed Day
Big Blue Eyes
Macey helped me make some frozen dinners for when the baby comes.  We are getting ready!
Halloween Crafts!
Always dressing up.  This girl is hilarious
I think its time for a new blankie.  :( Poor Macey

Dylan's Presents...

Dylan had his first ever class presentations last month!  The first was for his QUEST class (this is a class that meets every Thursday all day for those 2nd graders that have tested into the gifted program.  Dylan has about 12 kids currently in this class)  For this presentation, Dylan had to create  a container to put an egg in.  He had to drop the egg/container from 3 different heights without the egg cracking.  Once this was created, he had to present it to the class, and they all watched as it passed the test!  He did great! His first 100!
He is one of two boys...isnt that interesting?
I love how excited he was as his classmates passed the "test".  I love this kid!

For the next presentation, Dylan was asked to write a "How to" paragraph about something/anything.  Examples included how to make a peanut butter sandwich, cookies, a book, etc.  The kids were then asked to bring in samples of whatever it was that they were presenting/writing on.  Dylan of course couldn't do anything easy.  He chose to teach the class how to make an optical illusion.  Look at these pencils that he/we made.  When you twist them together in your hands it creates an illusion of a bird in a cage.  Cool huh?  He received his second 100!

Soccer 2013

This was Sydney s first season playing soccer (since she broke her arm last seasons three practices in.)  She loved it and was great.  She was a bit shy at first and didn't like to push herself into the action, but when she did get a hold of the ball and touch it, it made her day!  She scored one break away goal during the first game of the season!  It was fantastic!  She was beaming with pride.
If you notice, Dylan is in the back corner.  He was the team mascot,/helper.  He loved running on the sidelines cheering on this sister.  It was very sweet.
Sometimes the bench is much more fun:
This was Dylan's third time playing soccer, and boy is he a natural!  I had no idea!  He surprisingly enjoys paying defense rather than offence which is very rare and so exciting.  I think he will stick with this sport for a while, as he felt very valued and important to the team this year.