Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Four @ Disneyworld-Magic Kingdom

Disneyworld-Magic Kingdom

On day four we decided to go back to the Magic Kingdom since this is where Dylan and Sydney enjoyed their time the most. The rest of the family went to Epcot but we wanted to come here since we weren't sure if we would be able to come back in the morning (because of rain). We woke up early (since it was New Years Eve and all of the parks had closed by 12pm each day due to full capacity). We were there early enough and again, and were able to go on a BUNCH of rides before the crowds hit. Dylan was a bit more hesitant to go on the bigger rides for some reason. (I think its because we took him on all of the scary rides at the other parks...oops!) Dylan went on Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain a few times each but he pulled our arms around him this time when he was scared. He actually said no to going on Splash Mountain one last time at the end because of the scary eyes (note that it wasn't the drop that scared him!). (We didn't take a whole lot of pics this day, sorry :( )

Here is Dylan trying to wake up, as you see, the excitement of it all has worn off a bit to where we were pulling him out of bed rather than trying to keep him in bed. He was exhausted!

Check out their sweet jackets that they got from Santa this year. Syd looks like a pink lady!
We went on a lot of the more mild kids rides on this day. the T-Cups is one in particular that I continue to ask myself, "what was I thinking?" The baby girl in my tummy wasn't a fan of this ride, but the one in my lap loved it!Mickey Blue eyes! What a stud! Mommy and DD at the exit ready to leave! We left in the afternoon as the crowds were just getting ridiculous, Dylan had done absolutely EVERYTHING, and the kids were ready to swim at the condo. Too bad we got lost in the parking lot for 35 minutes trying to find our car. Idiots!
Cameron wanted to pose with his gamer shirt on to advertise his podcast on What a geek!

Here Dylan is showing how much "fun" he is having by screaming. So cute! He does look a bit scared doesn't he? He still tells me every once in a while, "mommy I want to go on Thunder Mountain and scream to show you how much fun it is".

We went home that afternoon to go swimming with the family and you wouldn't believe what happened!? Grandma and Grandpa taught D how to swim! I have been trying for months but I was forgetting a couple of simple instructions, "keep your head down and butt up". He was swimming in no time between all of us. I couldn't believe it! He was even coming up a couple of times for air. We need to keep practicing but he is well on his way. WOOHOO! Thanks gamma and gampa!

We ended the evening with an adult dinner at the Cheescake Factory for Heidi's birthday. All the kids were left at home with the older ones and so we were able to have a break after such a long week. It was a great night with lots of YUMMY food.

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g-ma-ma said...

That sounds like maybe the best day for you guys....way to go!!!! Dylan is pretty brave if you ask me....