Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 5 at Disneyworld-HOME

Day 5 at Disneyworld-HOME

We had one last day at the parks, but after a long, fun, tiring week, we decided to just wake up and drive home. We were planning on going to Epcot for a few hours before driving, but it was rainy that day, and Dylan had proven to us that he was done with all of the madness. Here is a quick story to explain:

On the morning of the 5th day, D woke up at 5:30 screaming for a treat and some popcorn. We tried to calm him so he wouldn't wake Sydney, but he was hysterical. He was tired, and the crying lasted for about an hour. Cameron and I were exhausted and frustrated with this of course, and so it was at that point that we knew going to the parks would probably not be a good idea. We started packing our things, and Dylan continued to throw fits left and right about popcorn, cheese, clothes, and really, anything and everything. (It was at this point that I wish I would have just given in, but we had to stand our ground, right? Who knew it would last another couple hours?) He was as whiny as I hav EVER seen him (even ask G-mama she was there to witness the craziness). After we had everything packed up in the car we try to get dylan dressed. Wow, you would think that we were murdering the kid. What horrible parents we were to get him dressed! Cameron was done putting up with Dylan at this point and so the real story begins:

I look over and Cameron sternly is asking Dylan to pick up his sock which is 12 inches in front of him. Dylan leans over and starts playing with the sock in his fingers but continues to cry and say, "I can't reach it". (Can you visualize it?) Cameron then starts counting to three for a spank and Dylan doesn't budge. He's bent over touching the sock but will not pick it up, so Cameron proceeds with a spank. Dylan sits up and yells, "ow" then bends back down to play with the sock again as Cameron says, "pick up the sock Dylan". "But I can't", he whines, and so the pattern continued...again, and again, and again, and again. It was terrible, but at one point after about the 7th spank I just broke out laughing, and I couldn't stop. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen...Dylan was as stubburn as ever, and Cameron would not give it up. All of us were tired and cranky and just ready to go home. We got out things together, (I finally stepped in and put on the dumb sock), and we drove home as fast as we could. We were sad to have missed Epcot, but we were ecstatic to be on the drive home, with our Disney toys from Grandma Minnie and Maria, and with TCBY on the way, yum!

It was an awesome trip, perfect length, perfect company, and perfect condo! Did I also mention that Sydney's language, sleeping, and eating habits completely changed on this trip? She ate like a champion ALL day, she slept through the night every night with Dylan in the room, and she learned to say apple, ear, mouth, happy, eye, etc. Since coming home her language has taken off, it is incredible! There are so many things to take home from this trip, and I am so grateful! We are so thankful for the Mounts and the Grand Mounts who so graciously shared their time shares with us and helped us with the tickets! It truly was a Christmas to remember!
Thank you guys!

Side Note:
The trip was great until we got home and it was freezing outside. We went to open the door, and of course, no keys! We had been driving for 9 hours and we couldn't get inside our house. I sat in the car with the kids while Cameron went through every bag. We even called Jason to use his spare that we thought we had given him and he couldn't find it. We were stuck! So we said a prayer in the car and I opened up one of the consoles (which we had looked in previously about 3 times) and there they were! Woohoo! We thought it was exciting until we walked into the house and found our kitchen flooded. We ran downstairs to the basement and yes, that too was flooded. What an end to the day eh? The faucet upstairs had leaked through the walls and the ceiling downstairs onto the floor. The carpet has finally been replaced, but we are waiting on kitchen flooring since the insurance is not given us enough money to fix it yet. Urgh! Here are a few pics, I didn't take much of when it was torn up because I wasn't here for a couple days. This is just what we have (We had our big bouncy house spread out across the floor downstairs so it held a lot of water and kept the ground from being too saturated, but sadly it was still moldy by the time we came home, so it all had to be replaced. Shmrr!)

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Happy Days & Sad Days, huh? ....and so close together
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