Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pregnancy #3

I haven't blogged much about this pregnancy and I am not sure if that has been intentional or not. As some of you know, and have heard, I am S-T-R-U-G-G-L-I-N-G! I thought having kids before 30 was supposed to be easier on your body. I am 27 dang it and I feel like I am 70! People say that with each baby the pregnancies get harder and harder, but dang, I had no idea it would be this tough. I feel like the biggest gimp, the biggest cry baby, and overall just the biggest wreck on the planet. I have had PMS pretty bad before, and I have had moments in each pregnancy that has lead me to think I was crazy, but this surpasses all of those moments combined. I am just a walking nightmare!

Example 1: I am driving home from church and started freaking out over the window (since the child lock was on). I just started pounding on the window and the button like a crazy person. Cameron just looked at me, and I turned and just started bawling like a psycho person.

Example 2: At least 6 times a day I say out loud, "I am about to lose it and start crying so leave me alone for 5 minutes". I then proceed to go into a room (any room), and cry loud and hard for about 3 minutes only to be followed by complete normalcy. My kids must think I am totally insane. Seriously.

Example 3: This is sad but nother example of my complete craziness. Sydney was crying all day long the other day and at one point she was in her room trying to sleep and I said (while doing the dishes, and under my breath of course...and totally not being serious), "Sydney, you have to stop crying or I am gonna rip your face off". Ok, I know this is totally something extreme to say, but it just came out and again, it was just a moment and of course I wasn't giong to harm my child, but I look over and Dylan was standing there slumped over and crying. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen. I felt like the worst mother on the planet. What is wrong with me?

Example 4, Ailments: My back is killing me and keeping me from doing anything with my kids these days. I am constantly pushing my children off me because they are sitting and jumping, and stepping on my stomach which HURTS. I have twisted my ankle 3 times in 4 days by stepping on things and just being clumsy. And yesterday, while at the zoo I stood up (after sitting for about an hour at the playland) and my pelvic bone felt as though it was falling out of my body. I believe my baby dropped, but that is no excuse, I could barely walk. My eyes were watering the rest of the day due to the pain, but I didn't want to spoil the fun for my kids and the people we were with. It was ridiculous! How am I going to last 10 more weeks? I am no longer waddling but tottering. The two definitions given for that are:
  1. To sway as if about to fall.
  2. To appear about to collapse
I don't think there could be a more perfect word for my given state.

So there it is, I am a complete mess. I tell you this only so that when you see or talk to me you understand why I am acting so crazy, and so that when I look back at this I will know that I am NOT DOING THIS AGAIN! :) Everytime I cry or freak out I just turn to Cameron and say, this is why we are not having another child and we both can chuckle. It is just too hard and I can NOT sign up for it again. Its a miracle and all, and I love that I am blessed to be able to bear children, but man, I have to be able to complain every now and again right? I have to be true to the experience and tell it how it is. So that is it. I have 10 more weeks and I have no idea how I am going to make it. I am starting to think I might actually go early this time since my body is just falling apart, but who knows. Pray for me, and my kids!

No pictures are necessary right? Maybe I will take one this week. Be prepared, along with being crazy and gimpy, I too am bigger and beefier than I was during the other pregnancies. I look like Martin Short in the movie Pure Luck when he was stung by all those bees. 10 more weeks...the countdown begins! (Ok I posted a pic...don't judge!)

Cute Dylan story about the baby:

I was giving the kids a bath and talking to them about the new baby and I said, "I don't know how Sydney is going to do with this new baby, she might not like her since there will be two babies instead of one". Dylan than says, "Well, Sydney will still be my favorite, the new baby can be daddy's favorite and I will be your favorite, ok mommy?"


T-Ray said...

You poor thing! I'm sorry this pregnancy has been so hard on you. It makes me fear for whenever I have kids... in my 30's! Yikes!

Katie said...

Oh man, soooo sorry Brit! Just keep thinking positive. A beautiful baby girl will come out of all the pain AND you don't have to worry about ever doing this again! You will be DONE with pregnancies! WOOT!! and P.S. that Dylan story was too dang cute! P.P.S. I'm DYING to know what name you guys picked out! My only guess is that there is a "y" in there since you mentioned the whole theme when you picked out Syd's name. Hmmm....

Ashley Haug, First Step Fitness said...

Just read this post again and can't believe you STILL had another one!! You ARE Superwoman, Lady!!!