Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009

14 Kids + 12 Adults= A completely fun and chaotic Christmas Eve. We had everyone in town together on Christmas Eve at g-mamas and g-papas house. We went caroling, we ate food, and we TRIED to sleep. Dylan's cousin Charlotte came into town from West Virginia and he was in HEAVEN. He slept over with her earlier on the week (his first ever sleep over with a friend). I love having cousins so close in age, it makes visiting even that much better!Here is daddy and DD caroling together at the Brownson's. "Santa claus is comin' to town!"After caroling came present time! The Mount tradition is PJ's on Christmas. The Mount family (Jason and Heidi) went home to sleep (because they were much smarter than I), so here are all of the other kids and granparents in their jammies. My kids had Minnie and Mickey jammies to prepare them for the crazy Walt Disney World Vacation that was only days away.All of the kids slept in the game room upstairs, but surprise, Dylan and Charlotte were the two who had the hardest time closing their eyes. We put them in a seperate room so that the older kids could sleep, and minutes after we did this we came back up to check on them and they were sound asleep, together. So cute!

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g-ma-ma said...

Jim & I kept saying to each other "I can't believe how well that went." The kids were so good at bedtime, and that picture of Charlotte & Dylan says it all...precious cousin love!! I might even be game to try that again!!!!