Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Piano Man

 Dylan had his second recital!  His first recital was after 2 weeks of lessons and he played Hot Crossed Buns.  This time it was legit.  He had only had about 10 lessons, but he played 4 songs (one including Mary had a Little Lamb)!  He did a fantastic job, and was very proud of himself.  He even said on the way home, “Mommy, I think that I have to hate lessons 2 times before I start liking them.  I actually really like playing the piano now”.  Music to my ears! (I don’t necessarily want him to love playing the piano, I just want him to enjoy something and want to stick with it since he likes to give up on things when he struggles with them.)  I hope that this sticks and that he continues to practice and have fun with it!
By the way, these bow ties that you will see in recent pictures were given to Dylan from his Great Grandpa Mount who recently passed.  Dylan wears them every Sunday and loves them.  I don't know if he will ever take to traditional long ties.  And as long as he is this cute, I hope he never does!

Go to Sleep You Little Baby...

Some of my recent sleep favorites:


7 am after a long night.  UGH.

 #1 reason why I LOVE that I have only one child left at home.  Snuggly naps together!

Central Elementary School

September is finally here, and you know what that means!  SCHOOL!  

Dylan started school about 2 weeks before Sydney.  Here he is waiting for the bus!

Sydney started school  soon after Dylan.
This had been a moment I have been anxious about all summer, and the day had finally come.  I walked Sydney in on her first day of school and she ran and sat down next to the boys playing with trains. Thats my girls! When it was time to leave she said, "mommy you have to stay here".  I told her that I needed to leave and though she was a bit sad, she didn't even cry! She was excited to be with her new teachers and friends.  She adjusted so quickly and I was so proud of her! I know it so cliche, but as I walked down that hallway after leaving her there, I about lost it.  The tears started streaming, and then I sat in my car in the parking lot sobbing like a baby.  What is wrong with me!?  I was teary eyed with Dylan, but sobbing?  Come on! 

Anyway, we have had the best experience thus far.  It was been about a month now and Sydney is doing great.  Most of my worries have been put to rest, mostly because she truly has the best teacher in the school.  I know many people might say that but really, I promise you, this teacher, Mrs Chadwick, is amazing and has really gone out of her way to help ease my worries and help Sydney adjust.  Let me just give you a quick rundown.  I had been in contact with Mrs Chadwick before school had started.  I had emailed her (longer than needed emails) about my concerns with Sydney and all about her developmental/learning problems.  I didn't want to bother her since it technically was still her summer, I just wanted her to be aware of Sydney. She was nothing but thankful for these emails, and was not bothered (or at least never let me know she was ;)) and was so kind to take to time to respond to each and every email.  After this,  for the first 4 days of school she called me or wrote me a long note to tell me about Sydney's day.  Every day for the first week!  Can you believe that!??  That is above and beyond the duties of an underpaid pre-k teacher.  But that is not all, she gave Sydney a class job within the first day that she is solely in charge of for the year: handing out lunchboxes.  Sydney quickly felt accepted, loved, and a sense of responsibility in the classroom, and all of this is because of her wonderful teacher.  Sydney was speaking so much earlier than I had expected because she is feeling loved and accepted.  Isn't that amazing!?  I am so grateful to Mrs Chadwick for all that she does and continues to do with Sydney.  She has made this transition so much easier than I could have even imagined and I will always be indebted to her for that.

Random Fun

Here are a bunch of fun and randoms pics over the last several months:
 Babysitting my friends three babes whilst she is in the hospital with her fourth baby boy. Love these kiddos 
Playing outside in102 degree weather.  "I don't want to get stung by a bee". Only moments before this:
Oh mom look, I found a bird egg.  maybe I should squeeze it! On my face!
 These two are addicted to "Hows its Made".  Future inventors of the world!
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
 Yumm!  I miss the Snow Cone trailer!
Kids in the dress up bin!  Dylan's impromptu pose (If this isn't George Constanza then I don't know what is). Check out below to see what I did at Dylan's same age with the same purple nightgown.  (My grandma gave it to us for dress up when I was a kid and my mom held onto it for all these years!).  Rad huh!?
 Pool Days
 Mckintosh Reserve  Our new favorite Summer spot to swim (in the Chattahoochee river)
Laffy taffy lolly pop!
 Halloween in August
 Jack and Dylan BFFs 
Dylans Art

 My three favorites!

Fuzzball the Hamster

The kids got a new pet!
Fuzzball the hamster was the new addition to the Mount family this summer.  Olivia's hamsters had babies and so Fuzzball was given to us.  After about 36 hours, and a trip to buy the cage, Fuzzball was dead.  
Here is the story: 
I heard Sydney crying for Fuzzball in her room.  (The kids are not allowed to take him out of the cage, but lets be honest, when did anyone expect that that rule to be obeyed?) I went in and she was reaching up saying, where is Fuzzball?  I look around and of course, he is not in his cage and is know where to be scene.    I asked her what she did with him to which she responded happily, "I squeezed it and punched it, (and with even more excitement outta of her voice) I threw it!" Hum.  I look to where she is pointing and sure enough, there is Fuzzball, dead, between the dresser and the wall.  Sydney killed the poor little dude.  

So what did we do that very night after Fuzzball had been murdered?  Went and bought a new one of course.  His name was Stripeball.  About a month after Stripeball was brought into our family, Olivia gave us her big cage, and her hamster Bowie (we named him that after watching the Labyrinth with Dylan).  So now we have two new pets and they are still alive!  (Even after being lost 2 times overnight!  There is nothing like be woken up at 2 am to Marley (our dog) slamming into Sydney's door only to find that the said lost hamster was behind it! YES!)