Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"7 years in heaven is better than 1 year in heaven"

Cameron and I celebrated our 7th year anniversary together on the 23rd of June. Can you believe it? Yes we were married young and I know there are a few of you out there that thought we might never make it, but here we are stronger and happier than ever. I am the luckiest girl alive and that is the truth! I love you Cameron!

Happy Birthday Britney!!

Sorry to all of you women out there who are not married to Cameron Mount but he is the greatest man alive and I will never know why I was ever lucky enough to be his wife. This year for my 26th birthday he surprised me with tickets to California! What a guy! He arranged the whole thing with all of my family and friends, (and if you know Cameron, he is not a planner, or someone who talks on the phone, so this was huge!) He also donated his b-day money for the tickets (again, if you know Cameron at all you know that this is the biggest sacrifice ever! :)) How awesome is that? Everyone who helped with that, thank you so much, you have no idea how much I needed that! I had been struggling with the new baby and everything, and Cameron knew that I needed to be close to my girlfriends and family. So while I was gone for 13 days while he worked harder than ever to keep busy, make extra money, and fix up the house for when I got home. He is amazing!

In cali I was able to spend time with Janon , in Sherman Oaks, Dan and Seth, Lindsay and Jordan in their great new apartment in Pasadena, Emily and Amir, Shar and Reagans family, Alison and the kids, Coco, Tim and Anges family from SF, Katie and Hani, Ashley and Ben, Lisa and Ceasar, and of course G-mama and g-papa. It was the greatest trip EVER! So many people came out to see me and It made me feel so important. I love you all!

Family Pictures

So we finally went to take our family pictures with Sydney. They turned out so cute! She is such a doll, I can't stand it. We did however have to rethink the clothing situation since she out grew the two dresses I was planning on her wearing. She is such a chunk!

Dylan was great even though he hates pictures. We had to give him 2 nerds after every picture to keep him smiling, can you believe how well it worked? The workers were a bit annoyed, but they loved that he would smile for "two green tandies"

Here is the site to see the professional ones (type in Brittany Mount in the space provided and the Access Codeis LTPP0089100032JCP)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Cameron turned 30 last week, can you believe it!? I can't believe he is 30 already, and still looking as hot as ever! Man I love that guy!

Cameron had the greatest birthday surprise ever this week. Our closest friends Jono and Anneli flew out for the week, and he didn't know about it until we took off his blind fold at the airport. It was hilarious. Anyway, they came with their beautiful little girl Kalia who ended up having the time of her life with Dylan. They were so cute together. We were able to go to a Braves game, the water park, etc, but most importantly, we were able to play hours and hours of games that went well into the night. I am already having withdrawals since they left. We brought back DR. Mario just like in the old days in the valley, I am still the reigning champion although Jono and Cameron like to think otherwise (just cause they are good "Daumpers"). Jono, Cameron did get his rank up to to 5999...its all about committing!
We had a blast with them and can't wait to build more uninsured tunnels when they come back.Cameron's birthday sadly was the day after Janon left, but don't think that I didn't pull a Britney and send my cute hubby a singing telegram at work. Aw yeah, it was pretty funny. Not only did my singing telegram sing happy birthday, but but she too dressed up as snow white to sing "One day my Prince will come" (since my prince was born 30 years ago of course). Good ol' Mr. Mike threw Cameron a token and told him he was living a fairytale. It was hilarious! I have never seen Cameron so was perfect and definitely memorable. I will send a pic when I get it off my sisters camera (yes she did video the whole thing).
So that was our week in a nutshell, isn't it fun to be us? (especially when the "tormados" aren't coming through)