Thursday, December 17, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Dylan recently got a new BIG BOY BED! After about a month of Dylan falling asleep on the floor due to his feet touching to edge of the bed, we decided to hunker down and get Dylan a new bed. He seriously would throw fits at night because he was "too big for his baby bed". Ughh, gimmie a break! So alas, we found this bed on Craigslist and had to get it. We were looking for something that would work when Sydney moved in and that would create more room. This bed is perfect! The house part is a bit huge, but I love that it hides ALL the toys! When Sydney moves in we will either put her toddler bed off to the side, or put a mattress right on the floor under the bed, (so she would be inches off the floor). Perfect right? If only the colors were a bit more feminine...but I guess red and blue will have to work with a coed room. If you find any fabrics or fun ideas send them my way...I need to do something in there!
For now, the kids are OBSESSED ith the slide. It keeps them busy for 30 minutes at a time...what a life saver! I just have to be careful that Dylan doesn't crush Syd. NO MORE BROKEN ELBOWS! Every now and again Dylan will go stand on his bed and yell, "this is the very best bed in the whole world!" Is he spoiled or what!?


T-Ray said...

what a great find! I can see why he loves it, that is an awesome bed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brit,
You should check out this site. They have great fabric!

Katie said...

wow! best parents ever! haha...he is probably in heaven!