Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Fun!

We didn't go anywhere as a family this summer because we had a vacation spot right here in town. We practically have been LIVING at Grandma and Grandpas lake house having a blast tubing, skiing, going to the beach, and catching fish. It has been so much fun! What are we going to do when is starts getting cold again?
We are still the fun couple right? I can't believe I can still do this! (And only after 8 weeks after having a baby.) I am pretty proud. It might be lame to brag, but I don't have much to brag about these days, so i'll take what i can get :)
Grandpa taught the kids (and I) to fish this summer. Here is Syds first "fshhhh".
Momma and CC on the boat getting ready to tube it up!
D's first fish! Wahoo!
Dadda with his new baby girl Macey. So happy!

Eww Worms.

We also had a lot of fun just hanging out in town. The library had an awesome reading program that had events three days a week. It was great. Here is Dylan helping with the "music man" during one of the music programs. He loved it.
Play Time at home!

MS 150 2010

Abby's Avengers 2010!!!!!!

Utah Day 3

I was so excited to find out that my parents new apartment was located just one block away from the Salt Lake City Temple. A few mornings before the family woke up, I was able to take Macey for a walk around Temple square. What an amazing and spiritual place. Here we were coming back from church Sunday morning.
We spent a lot of time on the rooftop of the Condo my parents are in. It has an awesome view, and lots of space to play.
Timmy and JJ
Papa West with Macey girl.
These Gorgeous eyes must run in the family!
The Westies
A few randoms: