Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just say NO (to holiday treats)


Dylan: Mommy, what just happened to you? It looks like you put a pillow in your stomach. 
Me: That's not a pillow D.
Dylan: I guess it just a lot of body fat.

Merry Christmas to you too Dylan!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spreading Christmas Cheer

If anyone feels the need to spread a little more Christmas cheer this holiday season, donations are being accepted on behalf of my friend Jackie Peterson (sister of Kattie Mount).  Here is her story (it was in the Utah news this past week).  She is a walking medical miracle.  She had three things wrong with her heart and gave birth to a healthy child (apparently with her condition she should not have survived).  It was kind of a fluke that they even found something wrong with her heart when she went to the Dr. thinking she had the flu. Crazy.  Her medical bills are high now and will continue to skyrocket throughout the coming months/years (especially if she will have to undergo a heart transplant).  I can't imagine how had is is to go through all of this, and with a brand new baby that she can't even hold or nurse. its awful.  Her spirits have been high and she is remaining optimistic but she could benefit from all the support she can get. Even just a little bit will go a long way!

We love you Jackie!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Las Vegas Part 3-The Las Vegas MS Bike Challenge

There were three reasons as to why we decided to come together in Las Vegas for a family reunion this November.  1.  My dad turned 60 this year.  2: There was a Las Vegas MS bike challenge that our family could participate in (especially my mom)  3. Tim just took a job at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health heading up the new Multiple Sclerosis department.  We wanted to participate in the ride along with my mom and support him in this amazing new job that he has worked so incredibly hard to get.  Both tim and my mom have been somewhat of the poster children for MS recently being front page of their new awareness campaign on the internet and in the NY Times.

So here is the main event of the weekend:  Tim, Angela and I rode the first bit then met up with everyone else to walk/ride beside my mom as she rode the last 5 miles to the finish line.  
In perfect West fashion, we blew a tire of my moms bike within the first 5 minutes.  Thanks to a good Samaritan who lived across the street, we were up and running in no time.  
 First of all, what a man to do all three children on his own while letting his wifey peddle all morning. Second of all, he didn't complain, not even once! and 3rd...hes pretty cute isn't he?  I LOVE HIM! These kids were zonked!
 Here is the finish line, and the building that Tim works in.  Pretty fancy eh?
 We did it!

 Amir, emily and Aliya.  I love this family pic.
Syd waved us all in as we rode in.  Sweety. "U happy?" 
 It was a great day and I was so glad to be a part of it.  I have always wanted my kids to see their Grammer cross that finish line and this year, they were able to do that.  What an amazing memory.  I love you momma!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Las Vegas Part 2

Some Random pics of the week:

Did I mention how grateful I was to COCO for coming this weekend?  She drove my moms bike to Vegas, kept my husband happy, added great conversation,  was SO much fun,  and was so cute with all of the kids.   I kind of want her to be my new sister wife.  Maybe if she weren't Cameron's sister I would think about it...Ewwww. I love you CoC!
 Free rides on the Merry Go Round? Yes please!
Tims yard couldn't be more awesome.  A pool, Jacuzzi and play structure=happy children (and happy mommies)

Tim might very well be related to Wolverine.

Auntie Em had the great idea to have a Mexican Thanksgiving. She brought a pinata and we had yummy cafe rio dinner!

Get it Aliya! Look at that intensity!

Auntie Coco is the BEST!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

The Johnson family is here! (We grew up vacationing with Jay and Debbie Johnson and their kids. they were able to come and visit us while we were all together. It was a wonderful suprise!

Movie time= Adult time. (The West siblings took some time to go out together while the inlaws looked after the babes...or took naps themselves.)

There is nothing better than seeing a daddy smile this big with his kid/s. LOVE IT!

The Kids are waiting at the door for everyone to arrive.

Three pees in a pod.

The Boys
 Dog Pile (is Sydney breathing?)
 Bye Grammer.  Till we meet again.
 After saying goodbye to the family, I surprised Cameron with a trip the the Pinball Hall of Fame in LV.  He was in nerd heaven.  this picture says it all:

 The crazy troll behind the table was rad.  He could not have played a more perfect part carting around his headband light and mumbling to kick us out when it was closing time.
 It couldn't have been more fitting to bring Timmy with us.  He and Cams posse played together in High School.
 Quite possibly the WORST game ever.  Bad Cats.  The song might have actually been worse than the game, "Meow, meow, meow, meow".

Family Pictures!!

 We had to try it: (1 crying and only one smiling...sounds about right.)

 Awww hugs.  "You wanna kiss Mace?"