Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Utah Day 2, The MS 150

The MS 150 is a bike ride that is consists of 150 miles in two days. It takes place in Logan Utah every June. My Cousin Karey has organized a team for the last three years to ride in honor of my mom, but I have never been able to go until this year due to pregnancies and babies (even this year Macey was only 10 weeks old). The greatest part about the event is that my mother gets to ride the last 5 miles or so with the team by her side. It was amazing and I was so glad to be there. Tim and I ran by her side the entire time helping her steer and lift her wrists to make it over that “hump” of each rotation. It was special for me to be a part of that, and to once again see mom work through her struggles. She has come a long way and I am so proud of her.
It was so fun seeing all of the kids together. Lexi is getting so big, and Aliya too! It was fun having Everyone together.
The girls right before the ride
Amir, Aliya and Amily
JJ and Macey revin' up for the ride!

Utah Day 1

June came and went so quickly! I love summer! I was able to go without Sydney and Dylan to Utah last month to support my mom in her MS bike ride, and introduce baby Macey to the family. It was an important trip and I am am so grateful to those that made it happen (namely my husband :), and those who were able to help with my kids in my absence. I was a wreck leaving them...who'd a thunk?
Here are some cute pics of the meeting of Macey Jane Mount:
Grammer and Macey at last!
Auntie Cheree, Lexi (who doesn't seem jealous at all :), and Macey
Jeremy and Macey
Lindsay And Macey

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quote of the day

We were eating dinner tonight and we asked Dylan to say a prayer to which he responded:

Dylan: "I already said a prayer today. I was praying in quiet time today"
Me: "What were you praying for?"
Dylan: "I asked for Daddy to not have to go to work anymore..."
Me: "It's fun having daddy home from work isn't it? Maybe I should go back to work and Daddy can stay home with you."
Dylan: "But mommy, you can't make enough money."