Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Pictures 2009

I am officially done blogging for 2009! (Pay no attention to the fact that it is Jan 18th.) Here are the pictures that our family took for Christmas pics...we had trouble deciding which ones we likes since there truly are no GREAT ones. How is it going to be taking a pictures with 5 next year? CRAZY! We loved the ones by the lake, but we had already taken the other PICTURES at Thanksgiving, and sent out the cards by the time we took these. Bummer. I am proud to say however, that I finally am going to print this blog into a book! WOOHOO! It's been two years since I started and I am ready to start making it a habit of printing every year. What better way keep an acount of my children's lives? I love it! I know picking up a pen and paper would be just as easy, and much cheaper, but since when do I do things the easy way?
Oh and FYI: I am 5 month pregnant (looking like 7) so...yes I am a little puffy all nice!
The Georgia Mount clan at Grandma and Granpa's lake houseThe new boat! The kids are in heaven, especially Syd!

This girls hair is everywhere, and her poor little broken arm is so sad. I love this pic though.
Happy 2010 Ya'll!

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