Monday, October 31, 2011

My mom's a pizza

Cameron and I are having a debate about punctuation at this very moment. I have never understood the Happy birthday, Mom comma placement. If the sentence is Happy Birthday Mom! WHY A COMMA? I don't like it and I don't get it. Judge me cause I am stupid and hate English grammar, but come on, isn't a comma excessive? We don't need to break up a three word sentence and especially one that has an exclamation point. Right? Cameron gave me the example of the following: Mom, I made you a pizza. And: I made you a pizza, mom. I get it in both of these examples but somehow he is turning this whole conversation into me wanting to make my mom into a pizza. WTF? English is lame, I am moving to Spain.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


We had our yearly Fall Festival last night and the Mounts showed up in head to tow hero garb. We were on official business to save the day.
Bummer...Cams tie and my glasses were already off. You get the idea though.
My kids ROCK!
Super Girl couldn't have had a more handsome Clark Kent.
Dunuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh Dunuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh Bat girl!
(Yes that is my bathing suit skirt, Bob the Builder belt and Incredible's glasses from D's dress up, and gloves from high school Prom. Pathetic? Yes. Awesome? Heck yes!)
Dylan had a full on fight with his superhero buddies. It was all fun and games until one of the kids flattened him out. "But I was so tough mommy, it hurt so bad but I didn't even cry. I am gonna have a bruise though, a really big one".

Don't think the Bat girls left without an impromptu dance party in the parking lot. The trunks were open, the candy was gone, the strobe lights were on, and the music was bumpin'. Rock it Syd!

Boo at the Zoo!

Boo at the Atlanta Zoo!
We went with our good friends the Anderson's and thier son's Jack and Max. It was such a great day!
Dylan immediately went all grins when he saw Curious George. He absolutely LOVES CG. He is allowed one 20 minute show a day when he gets off the bus, and without fail, EVERY day (rerun or not), he chooses Curious George. He also gets to pick out one library book at school once a week, and again, he is always coming home with CG books. He is obsessed! I was SO happy when I saw him near the corn maze. Thanks Zoo people!
Spooky train ride. Don't forget to say "boo!!"
Best Buds. Jack the bat and Dylan the Dragon. When Dylan was deciding what he wanted to be for Boo at the Zoo, he said, "I want to be the Dragon because then Jack will be the knight and he will kill me." (Cute that he was thinking ahead since Jack was a knight the last time they all were dressed up for the parade...great memory Dylan...a little gruesome though:)
Sydney found a new best friend in Melissa. I couldn't have been happier (and more grateful). Cameron was working (as usual) so I was going to take three kids out on my own. Luckily Missy decided to come and help. I owe her one!
Dylan's second love: Star Wars. Look at that face.
I thought Grandma would appreciate this one. He is taking care of his tail so that it doesn't rip or get dirty! Love!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Made it

Look what I made! Since I have been trapped at home for the last month recovering from medical crap, I decided to do some home improvement projects. Let me just say, I am in LOVE with my sister in laws Cricut. I think I am not going to give it back...EVER. Also, I can't take credit for any of these ideas asI am obsessed with the website It's more of an addiction really. It has so many great ideas, (and recipes)!

I made my red wall in the kitchen a kids art area. What do you think? I need honest opinions here on the red. I can't really get rid of the red since I don;t have the cream house me what I can do.
I made a Family Home Evening board...finally! I have been wanting one for a while now, but I didn't have all of my kids names until now. Isn't it great? I kind of hate those generic ones that are all in your face spelling FHE all big. I thought this was more subtle and kid friendly (plus I am in love with those knobs):

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Soccer 2011

This fall Dylan wanted to play soccer (not baseball), and boy is he great! I can't believe the difference one year makes. He is the second best player on his team, scoring between 2-4 goals every game. Here is the problem, Dylan likes to push (when nobody is looking...its more of a hip check more than anything else)...he thinks its a trick to the game. So, when a kid pushes back with his hands, he gets angry. In fact, he gets so angry that he yells and stops playing. It's a problem. The worst though is that he leaves every game now crying that people push and he "never wants to ever play soccer again". The last game, this bigger kid was on him because he kept scoring and at one point picked up the ball and threw it at Dylan's face. He was only about a foot away from him so it hurt pretty bad. I got all Jerry Springer at the parent in the should have seen me :) So, since this game, Dylan absolutely hates soccer. He hates sports. He said he doesn't ever want to play anything that involves touching. So, swimming it is! He is so athletic, I can't just give up on it can I? Eh...hopefully he will like band or long as he has something right?
My little Mace Face. She loves going to the fields to kick around.
The girls like to sit/stand on the bench with DD. Way to support. (Notice Syds french braids...I am getting better :)

Mrs. Independent

Look at my little Mrs Farrah Fawcett. She is 18 months already! Here is some new stuff on Macey:

-She has a ton of words...more than any of my other kids at this age. Probably because she has older siblings. We were driving yesterday and she pointed out the bus! Crazy.
-She LIVES on the kitchen table. Obnoxious? yes. Dangerous? yes. But she sits still when she is up there...usually...and it gives me enough time to do the dishes without her hanging at my feet. WIN!
-She poops when her diaper is off. Nearly EVERYTIME if we don't remember to put it on real quick. Most kids pee when they get out of the bath or take off their diaper due to the wind or cold, but not Mace...she likes to drop turds all over the floor and then proceed to walk in them and track them all over the house. It's so fun!
-She sings! To the Beatles: The "Pleeeeeee---eeeeeeeeeeee-ase love me do" part. Also, in the safety kids song, when the kids talks about screaming she screams every time. Its hilarious. She has her fingers in her mouth and the boy says, "we yell" her fingers come out and she yells very quiet...its super cute"
-Macey loves dog food. Mostly just dumping it out...again and again.
-Oh she called out "DD" today in the bathroom! She knows all of our names; mommy, daddy, mamey (macey), Ali, mamma and mampa (grandma and grandpa), but not DD or CC yet Until today!
-She likes to be tickled and says in a squeely voice while pinching my arms, "teekle teekle". Fun but ouch.
-Oh, and today she came walking out of her room funny, like she had to use the bathroom. So I asked her, "do you need to go potty?" to which she responded, "yeah" and ran and climbed up onto the big toilet. She had already gone in her diaper, but She gets it! And I LIKE IT!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some TMI for a rainy day

I was a medical anomaly this month. Seriously.

Lets start it off with a bouncy ball size cyst that I woke up to in my nether regions about 3 weeks ago. It was crazy and painful...but alas, I dealt with it the best way I know how. Yes, I popped it, luckily the day before I took a class at the gym that incoorporated spinning into it (if that wasn't luck then I don't know what is!). Wow, it was NASTY! Ok, yes this is a little TMI, but it makes my story all the better. Once I took care of this situation, then came more fun. About 4 days later I woke up with a bug bite on my arm. It felt pretty painful, but it was just a bug bite, no biggie right? Wrong. Everyday for about 5 days it I woke up to find it getting bigger and nastier than the day before. I finally went to Jason after I had to skip going to my softball game due to the fact that I couldn't bend my arm...he gave me some antibiotics to take care of the infection. About 5 days later, my arm swelling had gone down in the sense that it was now swelling up and not out. I had a baseball size lump on my upper arm. I went to Jason's once again and he had to lance it open and drain it. Lidocaine and all. MORE PUSS! It was awesomely disgusting. Ok, so about 3 days after this I break out into a head to toe rash. I was certain it was pityriasis rosea (since I have had it before), but I went and checked with the dr. just to be safe. Pityriasis rosea was the diagnosis. I had the HERALD PATCH! Ok, so this should have been comforting when again for the next three days I was waking up to crazy rash everywhere, including my face, scalp and even the soles of my feet. I finally decided to go to a dermatologist one morning after waking up to puffy ears and lips...I was a little concerned that it was getting worse (my breathing was even affected). To my surprise the dr. said, "you are severely allergic to the antibiotic that you are on". DUH! "You could have died over the weekend" were her exact words. Awesome. Ok so I thought this was it, I had been through a whirlwind of medical crap for over half of the month...but nope. Lets throw in one more thing for the fun of it. I woke up two days ago at 3 am to a dream about acidic food in the ocean and there I was, throwing up. Again and again. 15 times total in 4 hours. It was AWFUL! I have NEVER thrown up like that before. It was super painful and sadly, I don't think I will ever have ice cream again. Holy cow, talk about the flu!

Anyway, so there has been my month in a nut shell. It has been horrible. All of this and we are still awaiting Syds EEG results, and Macey nearly had to get stitches in her mouth (her two teeth went through her lip when she fell into the entertainment center last week). Dude...hit me while I am down why don't ya!?

Here is a pic of my legs the day after I started taking steroids for my rash...I was head to toe in this stuff.