Sunday, December 6, 2009

Defective Elbows

Yes, we have yet another broken bone to add to the list in the Mount family. Last week Sydney fell of the bed at Grandmas house and broke her left elbow. Dylan had pulled her up while we weren't watching (something he has NEVER done) and down she fell. It was a 14 inch fall onto carpet, (a minor fall), one that resulted in a trip to the ER. UGH, if you recall, it was Dylan two years ago that broke his elbow while running to us on a tennis court and falling. Talk about two freak accidents! I can't believe I have had two kids under two break their elbows. STRANGE! At least Syd only needs her cast/sling on for 3-4 weeks compared to Dylan's 7.
Both pics are of our cutie pie reading her books. SHE LOVES READING! When she is crying or throwing a fit the best way to calm her is to pull out a book and read or sing it to her. Works every time! I wish the same worked for her mommy! Oh, and aren't Syd's pigtails the cutest? I love having girls...they are so much fun to dress up!

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Cameron said...

...that is true, girls are fun to dress up.