Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Festival

Last night was our church Halloween fall festival. This is my favorite event of the year, as the chili cook-off is delicious, the pumpkin desserts are fun to make, the kids get to trunk-or-treat, and the adults get to have a reason to dress up and be silly . This year I wanted to be a strong contender for the best dessert so I decided to cook up a pumpkin cheesecake. I didn't win, but I received tons of compliments from the youth which totally made it worth it! At the end of the night I even got up and sang the monster mash with some friends, I have gotten to be so brave...when did that happen?Grandma is so lucky...she gets two babies at the same time!? :) Next to Syd is her cousin Casey. Aren't they so adorable?Dylan loves Sum Sum! I didn't have a costume but Dylan insisted that I wear a princess dress, or at least wear something from his dress up box. I decided to crimp my hair and put on his witch hat...which sadly ended up getting left on the stairs at home (oops!). I aim to please!Does this look like a child who will be scared of clowns later in life? Do you wonder why I look at this picture and cringe? That clown is freaky! Nice Holly!A picture of what is to come in two days! WOOT! Dylan went to all of the trunks and and soon as he was done, took off and went again, and again, and again. Little cheater! I couldn't keep up! He came up to me after the last few cars were closing thier trunks and said, "Ok mommy, its time to go, look at all my treats". He knew what he was after, Seinfeld was right, all these kids are ever thinking is, "get candy, get candy, get candy...". It was hilarious! After searching for the bottom of my springform pan in the trash (men who can't tell a plate from a metal pan, urgh!), we went home with a large bucket of goodies andtwo happy, tired children.Here are our friends Tabitha, Daniel, and Benjamin enjoying the costumes. Take note Dylan and Syd, they are both sitting still...and not crying! I have such wiggle worms for kids...always so much energy, where did they get it from?


T-Ray said...

Fun! I love Halloween and getting to see all the kids in their cute costumes!

coco said...

I love CC's look of awe and wonder! I can't wait to play with all my Georgia kids!