Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grammer and Lindsay visit!

My sister Lindsay and my Mom were finally able to make it out to Georgia after 3 long years. My mom hasn't gone on a vacation in 5 years do to her disability, but she worked up the courage and decided she could come to GA! It was so great having them both here. We had a blast playing games, staying up late, shopping, cracking up over Dylan and Sydneys personalities and comments, celebrating halloween, etc. It was fantastic! It was so much fun to see them loving and enjoying my kids. Likewise, it was great to see my kids loving all over them!
We went shopping for toys and bought the kids some things from Grandpa and Grammer, Dylan picked out the coolest tool set, he loves it! The next day he wanted a tool box from the store and when I told him we could put it on his Christmas list, he threw it on the floor and yelled, "I don't like Santa!" Spoiled much? I quickly told him, "Shhh, Santa can hear you", and he didn't say anything else about it. :)
We watched a movie together, and mom enjoyed Syd's late night company. (She refused to sleep knowing there were people in the house that she could play with.) SUCH A MOUNT!We took fun pics, none of which the kids would even give a slight smile for. Pretty girls!
Can't you tell how much the kids are enjoying this? I love moms face in this, priceless! By the way, you can see a bit of my prego belly here.


coco said...

I'm loving these pics! I've been looking on your blog for the past week for an update.....good job keeping me posted!

Katie said...

Oh yay! So glad they were able to come out to visit. I bet you mom loved it! btw, LOVE the prego belly! Is it really twisted that I miss it??