Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween festivities

It was Halloween early this last week. We had an event at the Disney store, and one at the local library, both of which had the kids dress up in costume. As a stay at home mom I am always looking for something different to do during my day, so when I find little events and festivals I am ALL on it. This week though, I think that had I known the outcome of both events, I would have opted out. It was a struggle to say the least!The Disney store event was a disaster! I know Cameron that you hate that word, but it really was horrible. We drove all the way to the mall only to get there and be stuffed into the back of the store. Not only did they not move any displays aside, but they also did not have any kind of microphone or PA system set up, (so you couldn't hear what the employees were saying). So imagine 40 dressed up kids, parents, strollers crammed into the back of the store, you can't hear anything but kids crying because they can't see or hear and because people are touching them and knocking off their "mickey ears", and the kids are being asked to play hot potato while the parents sing an obscure Disney song out loud (Jimminy criket). "Now make sure everybody touches it just once" they said. Are you kidding me? It was LAME! Luckily we started walking out when the next game began which was a Micky Mouse hunt. Since we were in the front of the store we found 5 right off the bat, Dylan loved that game, because he was finding more than everyone else. He still didn't win since the winner had two kids and combined thier mickeys...what a crock. They won a power ranger DVD and sadly it was for two girls...really? After this event they did a parade around the mall which would have been a lot of fun, but Dylan decided he had to use the bathroom (the second time in 30 minutes), so we missed out on that. Oh well. Disney truly dropped the ball on this halloween event, but then again so did I for expecting anything but craziness!

We did white tights and a black nose at the mall...what do you think compared to the library?

Sydney went all black this time and I decided to not paint thier noses, better?
Here is Syd with her friend Daniel the fish. He won for best costume in thier age group! I love the leggings!
During the parade part of the party Sydney decided to throw a fit. I love when that happens in's not embarrassing at all! Prize for cutest tantrum? Anyone?The kids sat and listened during story time, but when it came to announce costume winners Dylan began to cry. He kept changing seats and saying, "Mommy, she can't see me". It was so sad. After all of the prizes were handed out he came running over saying, "she didn't see me, she didn't give me a prize for my costume". I would have given anything to just get that bag full of junk at that moment, but we had to sit and have a talk about not always winning and getting what you want. In the end he was handed a treat bag for coming which I thought would resolve things, but when we got home he said, "I don't want you to ever take me there again!" He was so upset, and it was heartbreaking. Poor kid. How do you teach against sore losing? Maybe by not calling it a crock when the other kids combined thier Mickey's and won? Shoot! :) I hate being competitive! I am still irked about last year when Dylan didn't win for his Dr. Seuss does Dr. Seuss (and the cutest Dr. Seuss I might add) not win at the library? Really? Like there was anything more creative and appropriate for the location. A kid in a store bought Indian costume won and Dylan got 3rd that was a crock! :)


Jacki said...

You know what's a crock, the fact that you were like 5 minutes from my house and didn't call me... What a crock :)

coco said...

I love how competitive you are....and DD--you're right, the judges didn't see you because they're blind.

PS- I love trantrum pics!!!

Britney said...

hahahahaha...I suck!