Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Dylan "Pwojects"

Here are some of Dylan's more recent projects. The first are Halloween decorations that Auntie Coco sent for Dylan. Isn't she the best? This was a perfect gift especially since they took 3-4 days to complete! It is always hard for me to come up with new ideas for projects, so this was a life saver during the Halloween season! Thanks Coco!
Here we made a music shaker for Dylan and Sydney to play with while they dance to their drums. Dylan loves this one!Dylan was crying one day because his blocks wouldn't stay in his truck. So, knowing me, I created a project! We decided to try and find a way to keep them in there while he drove his truck around the house to his dumping station. Shoe boxes, scissors and paper can work wonders for a crying child. (He even was able to decorate it himself when it was all done.)We decided last year (during the after Christmas clearance sales) that Dylan should have his own tree in his room this year. We spent an afternoon lighting it and decorating it with "idaments" of course. (He refuses to call them ornaments :)
Lastly, we decided to make a Christmas countdown chain after Dylan's sad experience this last week. On Sunday we decided that since it was such a nice day out, that it would be the perfect time to get our Christmas decorations out. (Yes I am aware that Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet, but we never have nice afternoons in November, especially on we decided to go for it!) After a long day of decorating everything including the Christmas tree, it was time for Dylan to go to bed. He put up a fight for about an hour, crying and giving me every reason in the world why he shouldn't go to bed. And then, after about 20 minutes of getting him to finally settle down, he comes out, crawls into my lap and says, "mommy, I can't sleep, when is Santa going to get here?" I instantly felt horrible because I had forgotten that kids have no sense of time, and that I didn't tell him that Christmas is still a ways away. It was so sad! He was just so excited for Santa, and the Polar Express train to come! The Chain project was the first thing on the to do list for Monday so that this would NOT happen again. Poor kid. Only 35 more days!

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