Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Its a Girl!!!

I found out today that we are having another baby girl! I am so excited! I thought I wanted another boy, (since I feel they are easier), but after hearing that I was having a girl, I was giddy as all get up. I was prancing around the Doctors office as I was leaving, and I jumped up and down when I got to my car to drive home and tell Dylan. I am just so excited, and really I am not sure why. I think its fun that Syd and her sister are going to have their birthdays only days apart, both will be Aries, and that they will be close in age. They will be such buddies, and that is exciting! I also love the fact that Dylan is the only boy, and especially that he is the oldest (he gets to stand up and protect his sisters). Isn't it so perfect?!

I think knowing or at least feeling like this is my last child has really made me excited for our future. While leaving the office today, I could just see our little family on vacations, the two little girls running in the waves while Dylan is out with his daddy boogie boarding. I don't know. It felt complete. It felt right. I was full of JOY and anyone who has truly experienced that knows that there is no greater feeling in the world. I love my family!

I will post the ultrasound pictures soon!


T-Ray said...

congrats! That is so exciting. I am sure having another girl will be as exciting as you feel. :o)

joyiseverywhere said...

Yeah!! That is so great. I am very happy for you guys!

I can't wait to meet little Apple James :).

Jacki said...

Perfect Brit! Absolutely perfect!