Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quotes of the day

Dylan has recently been telling me that I am not pretty. Its horrible to hear this from a child, since we all know, kids do not lie. So (after giving him a talk), I have been trying to do myself up a little more during the day so he doesn't grow up thinking his mom is an ugly slob. So today I was getting dressed while he was in the bathtub and he says this:

Dylan: Mommy you are ugly.
Me: Dylan that hurts my feelings, and is not very nice.
Dylan: Well, you are ugly, but you aren't really ugly
Me: What does that mean Dylan?
Dylan: Just your skin is ugly (as he stares at my prego belly)
Me: Oh this skin? These are called stretch marks. As the baby gets bigger they get bigger, and I have to agree with you, they are ugly aren't they?
Dylan: Yes. But your whole body skin is ugly too. Sorry mommy.

Nice huh? Love the self esteem building!

A few weeks ago while at Grandmas he yells to Grandma, "You have to come over and see my new knobs!" (referring to the new hardware on our kitchen cabinets).

And just now, on the way home we drove past a police car on the side of the road:
Dylan:Oh look at the policeman mommy
Me: Looks like there was an accident
Dylan: No mommy, somebody is just getting in trouble for stealing things


coco said...

I LOVE your quotes of the day!!! It's good you're recording them on your blog.....then you'll have them forever! You can make a hilarious book soon ;o)

heidimount said...

I love his funny stories! Kids do have a way of making you feel really special, don't they?