Friday, November 20, 2009

DD and his new "Feelings"

Recently I have noticed that my little boy is becoming a bit sensitive, I love it. He wasn't always like this, maybe it’s at 3 when kids start developing deeper feelings (or maybe it’s just that he finally understands those feelings). Either way he is so sensitive these days and it is fun watching him demonstrate his emotions in different ways.

!1)\During stories:

A few weeks ago I was putting Dylan to bed, and he asked me to tell him about his birth and how he had to sleep in a suitcase (“soupcase”) for a few days, (he knows this story well, in fact he keeps asking us if the new baby will be yellow). After telling him the same story that I have told him for months now, he started rubbing his eyes really hard trying to hold back his tears. I asked him what was wrong and he began sobbing saying, “I can’t get me face to stop crying mommy.” I held him in my arms and got him to settle down. After leaving his room I heard crying again a few minutes later. I ran in and he was almost yelling now, “My face is making me cry, I want my face to stop making me cry!” It was so bizarre, he couldn’t tell me why he was sad, but since then I have avoided his birth story all together. I felt so horrible!

2) When he breaks something:

Just recently, Dylan has started getting really emotional when he breaks something. Never before has he cared what he ruins or who he hurts, and if you have met my kid you know that he is the typical 3 year old who cries when he wants something and doesn’t get it, when he gets in trouble, etc. Take note that this cry is more of a loud cry more to make a scene and prove his point more than anything. But recently, when he breaks something (before I even see it or say anything), Dylan drops his head and runs quickly into his room. He then proceeds to lay face down on his bed and cry; a silent cry. It is so heartbreaking. I always run in after him and tell him it’s ok and that I am not mad, but he doesn’t care until I can show him that I can fix it. (This has made it difficult and quite annoying for those unfixable broken things like glass. I would rather just throw things away, but I have to show him that I can fix it.) It is quite interesting. My favorite part of it all is that as soon as I show him I can fix it, he gets this huge smile across his smile and jumps into my arms giving me a huge hug. I can honestly say that these moments are my most favorite of all, his expressions and raw emotions are priceless! I LOVE IT!

Du During Movies:

Today we decided to watch the animated Pixar movie UP. Neither of us had ever seen it, so I thought it would be a fun thing to watch before Sydney got up this morning. For anyone that has seen the movie, it has a lot of depth to it. It is more of a thinker, and the music itself leads the audience to where it wants them to go. I noticed a few different times, Dylan would start rubbing his watery eyes right as the music would change during a semi sad moment. I would ask him if he is sad and these are the responses that I received:

Dylan: (When the bird got hurt, Dylan with a tear in his eye), Oh, the bird got hurt mommy. Now the bird is going to have to live in a big bird wheelchair. Me: Oh he is going to be ok, look they are taking care of him. Dylan: I don’t like when movies try to make me cry.

At the end of the movies when the house floats away, the second that the music went slow Dylan's eyes began pouring and he began rubbing his face really hard:

Me: Dylan are you sad? Dylan: I don’t like when my face makes me cry mommy

Isn't it interesting that even at this age he is ashamed to show any real tears? He shows them plenty when it is crying over a toy, or an ouchie, but NEVER when its a deep emotional reaction. I wonder where this is learned? Or why the instinct is to hide it. I also find it fascinating that at 3, the music already touches him so deeply. The second I witnessed this I realized he was ALL Cameron. Interesting don't you think?

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Katie said...

oh my gosh...he is too cute. i almost started crying myself reading this!