Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dylan Days

I know I have been writing about Dylan a lot lately, but at three years of age, he is pretty entertaining. Here are a few of his recent quotes/songs/stories:

1) Today as we were doing a snowman project, Dylan had the most adorable conversation with me:Dylan: Guess what? It's going to snow on Christmas mommy, just like in the Polar Express.
Mommy: Oh I am not sure sweety, it only snows in really cold places like Utah where Grandma lives.
Dylan: Well, go tell Heavenly Father to make it snow. You can go to Heaven and tell him, but I guess I will go tell him. But I don't know how to get there, is, is Heaven at the temple?
Mommy: No sweety, it is very far away, and we can't go to heaven until after we die. You can pray and ask Heavenly Father for snow though. I am not sure if he wants it to snow on Christmas, but you can try and ask him.
Dylan: Well, he has controls to make it snow every Christmas, people just need to ask him. Let's ask him tonight mommy.

2) Lately, Dylan has been getting scared again at night and sneaking into our bed while we are watching TV. Its weird how he feels safer alone in our room with the lights off than in his with a night light on. Strange. How did he not fall off the bed?
3) Do you remember whn Dylan started calling me "ugly" and "not pretty". Well he came in this morning to tell me this:

Dylan: Mommy, you are pretty
Me: Really?
Dylan: Yes. When you were having a boy you were not pretty, but now that you are having a girl, you are very pretty mommy. I love you. (He then proceeded to pull up my shirt and talk to his baby sister)

Could I love this kid anymore than I already do? Really, I don't think so.

4) Dylan is obsessed with Christmas. I am sure I have mentioned this before, but he loves this holiday. He loves the lights (enough to put them onhis Christmas list), the tree, the music, the books, the movies, and Santa. He has always loved the Polar Express, (ever since he was introduced to it last year). It has been a weekly bedtime favorite all year round. Recently too, after books, Dylan falls asleep to the Polar Express CD after listening to Grandmas voice read the book on a cd. I am telling you, obsessed! I have been getting a little nervous about it all because he is so into it, even at the point to where he really believs that the Polar Express is actually coming to pick him up in Christmas eve. I keep telling him its just a book and not for real, but he won't have it, he "believes" just as the movie and book teaches. Ugh! I love it, but I am not so keen on the whole lying thing...its such a dliemma for me. I do have to say though, that the magic in his eyes when he talks about the Christmas holiday and all that he loves, inspires me a little bit. I can't explain it, it is just beautiful. He is so innocent and full of wonder, it truly is a joy to witness. This is becoming MY favorite time of year too!
Here Dylan is singing one of his favorite songs off the Polar Express cd. Pay no attention to his choice of clothing (another obsession of his). Enjoy!

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