Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When it rains, it pours!

This idiom could not be more spot on these days. Lets just look at the last three weeks shall we. Sydney has a seizure, Syd gets Pneumonia, Syd has five more seizures and is hospitalized for four days, Mom gets step throat, Dad gets pink eye, Mom gets pink eye. When will it ever end? Luckily my strep was not Scarlett Fever as we had previously thought it was. The rash all over my body has been determined to just be a fever rash, its not peeling or feeling like sandpaper the way that it is supposed to with Scarlett Fever. Yay, a plus! I am convinced that the latter three of these problems were a combination of sleep deprivation, extreme stress levels, poor eating habits in the hospital, and hospital germs. I can't remember a time in my life when I have physically felt worse.

At this time I need to send a shout out to my inlaws who are the most amazing people I know. They have been there every step of the way these last few weeks, and I am so grateful for both thier emotional, and physical support. They have taken the kids these last two days (ALL DAY) so I could stay home and sleep, while Cameron went back to work. On top of that, they made dinner for us too. They truly are examples of service and love. Words can't express how grateful I am for them. I love you guys, and I really, REALLY dont know what I would have done without you this week! Thank you so much for everything!

Alright, I am off to sleep again, I don't think I have moved from this bed in 9 hours. Even typing this is making me woozy. Good Night!


Katie said...

Oh no, Brit! I feel so bad for you guys! You have had the worst start to 2009! I pray that your year only gets better and that you guys are all healthy and happy ASAP! Love you guys!

coco said...

Brit!!!! I can't believe what a trooper you are being! I am so glad people are around to help. You need to rest. Take care--I'm praying for you and Syd and Cam (and Dylan not to get sick!)

Britney said...

Haha, yeah its been a fun start to the new year, let me tell ya! You really missed out! :)

g-ma-ma said...

I'm so glad that we are close enough to help out just a little. It was so difficult to see you guys in the hospital with Sydney and not be able to offer much relief, although I know you couldn't leave her...even for a minute. I am so glad that she is recovering and hope that she has already had her quota of illness for the year. It is so good to see her smile again!