Friday, January 9, 2009

Forget about it!

I have to ask you all to disregard my post about the pouring rain, cause dang, did anyone watch Oprah the other day about the woman in the hospital who went in for a c-section and caught the Flesh eating virus while in the hospital? She left the hospital with a baby and no arms and legs! I cannot complain about pink eye and strep any longer, I consider that a miracle compared to what it could have been, geez!
So the question remains, What is the deal with the cleanliness of hospitals? I know that there is a lot of traffic, and different germs, yadda, yadda, yadda, but dude, something has gotta change when you have people leaving with worse cases than they came in with (due to the bacteria in thier rooms). I was in the hospital for four days and not once saw anyone come and mop the grounds, or wipe down the rooms. They just make the beds when the cliets leave and that is it. Not quite right I tell ya! There has to be some kind of code about that!? Its crazy!


g-ma-ma said...

Ha! Ha! -- that reminds me of my answer when anyone has a complaint -- "Well at least you don't have....." That doesn't always make the complainer too happy. But, really, you would think that a hospital would understand the whole germ concept. (What about that hospital playroom too....whoa talk about germ heaven!!!)

coco said...

Dude....I got strep from being in that playroom for just 30 minutes!

Britney said...

Seriously! That playroom was nasty, we should have taken a hint and moved once we saw the blood on the kitchen toy. NASTY!