Thursday, January 29, 2009


For all those concerned, Sydney goes in for some more tests on the 19th of next month, (it was the only opening that the neurologist had). When we went in for her check up, the doc said that they aren't sure what kind of seizure disorder she has, but since it is not the febrile seizures she definitely has some form of epilepsy. The next step is to determine what type or form she has, if it will go away with age, or stay throughout her life. For now she is back on her meds and is slowly adjusting. She is pretty needy but her spirits are up, and she is much happier these days. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Please let us know how it goes! We wish you guys all the best. Bite a chunk of those cutie cheeks for me :).

Katie said...

Oh Brit...let me know what you hear. I think about you guys all the time and wish so badly I was close enough to be there and comfort you during this hard time! :(

Britney said...

Will do Sus!

Thanks Katie. I could use the support right about now too. Hopefully we will see you soon though!