Friday, January 30, 2009

Losing my sanity

Its 4:30 am and my baby won't let me sleep. It has been an hour and she won't stop crying! I am tired, and I seriously can't take it any longer! I think I have officially decided that I do not like the baby stage. Some people love it, I however and not one of those people. Too much crying, neediness, and oh yeah did I say crying. I love having kids, I just don't like this stage and that is putting a damper on my future family plans. I have always wanted three kids, I just never wanted three young kids all at once. Is that a problem? I don't want three kids separated by three years either because I want to get the baby stage over and done with as quick as possible...I don't want to finally get through it with Syd and do it again in three years..why drag it out? So where does that leave me? Do I have one quickly right away and just get it over with? Do I skip it altogether? This question has been on my mind for quite sometime and every time I think I have made a decision, Syd goes and reminds me why I should reconsider. Its 5:03 and still crying!


Jacki said...

HA! I think about those same questions all the time and I only have one child. Some days I feel empowered to have like 5 kids and others I think one and DONE! I am about 99.9% sure all moms feel that same way at some point... hopefully :)!

Jim Mount said...

Hum? Many women in my family said right after child birth that they will never do that again. TOO MUCH PAIN! Then when the baby in no longer a baby they say "I want another baby".

Just you wait, in a few months after the baby phase is over, you will have just a few memories of hard times. Remember, God design women with this over powering desire to have more and more children.

The big plus in all this is you are a great mother and what a blessing that will be to all your children.