Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Holidays From the Mounts

Happy Holidays to you all. We were planning on sending out Christmas cards this year, but due to many unplanned events we were never able to get it done. We will just have to settle for sending this all to those we love to let you know we love you and are thinking about you during this holiday season.

We weren't able to get a family picture, (we did try), so just scan my blog to catch up and see pics of the kids, they are getting so big!

We love you and hope that you feel the love of our Savior during this special time of year.

With Love,
The Mounts
(Britney, Cameron, Dylan, and Sydney)


g-ma-ma said...

I want to see all those pictures that you tried to take---I bet there are some beauties!!

Ange said...

I am so glad I could catch up with you guys. We are thrilled to have a glimpse of your life and we are relieved that Sid is doing much better. Are you still coming to Utah? We hope you can and we send our love and best wishes.