Friday, January 23, 2009

Syd meets the Parents!

Sydney and I went to Utah this past week to finally see the West family. This was Syd's first time meeting my parents so it was a big deal. It was also our first time meeting Alexis, Jeremy's adorable new daughter who is only three weeks old. Sadly, we did have to leave Dylan home for the sake of my sanity. I vowed to myself that I would never again do two kids on a plane and on vacation alone, it is just not worth it. So here are some fun Pics of the trip. It was so great seeing everybody again!

Tim and Angela's kids are getting so big, and so dang cute. Here Syd is in a Sam and Audrey Sandwich. I can't wait for Dylan to see them in July!

We had fun visiting with Allan and Kattie's Family for lunch, crazy but fun! What a Beautiful family!Um, could this little girl be any sweeter? I want one! Um...did I just say that out loud? Remind me again that I am going crazy with the two that I already have.

Here are my brothers and their family's. Don't you just love the snow white dress? I can't wait for Sydney to get to that age so we can play dress up everyday. Dylan is already getting into the play dresses and high heel shoes that Heidi gave to us. He loves them! Don't think I didn't paint his toe nails :) Paging Mr. Mike!We were all in town for Alexis's baby blessing. It was beautiful, and I was so glad that I was there to be a part of it. Isn't this baby gorgeous?

we had so much fun visiting with our extended family. We found out that Sydney LOVES boys. If choosing between male and female, the male will always win. Sound familiar? It happened time and time with family, and also again while I let her crawl in the airport. Here she was attached at the hip to Riley my second cousin, she couldn't get enough of him. Next, My cousin Sus and Hubby Jeremy are in a circle of love with their new baby boy Oliver (cutest name ever by the way). And lastly, we were able to stay with my cousin Jamie and her adrable kids. Here are Mya and Nikki watching the boob tube.

We had such a great trip! Hopefully next time we can all come out with the whole family and do a little snowboarding. It killed me that I wasn't able to go yet again! Here are some random pics from the week.


Jim Mount said...

So nice to see the West family. You pictures and darling! So happy to have you back in Georgia. We had a great time with Dylan at our home.

coco said...

Love the pics! Syd is looking so much better. It's good to see her happy herself again. I missed your blog while you were get back to bloggin for me girl! This was a great one! ;o)

Holbrook Girls said...

Such cute pics. Its fun to see pictures of The West Family. Tell them all I say hello and espepecially to Emily. I miss that girl! We will keep Syd in our thoughts and prayers!