Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Movie time?"

Last night D was super cute. It was 10:30 and Dylan was still awake. I walk into his room to once again attempt to get him to sleep and he is standing up right next to the door watching our tv through the timy crack in the door. He then bright eyed, with a huge smile on his face said, "is it movie time mommy". It was so cute that I just let him come cuddle with us and watch the peoples choice awards. (We dont do this often, but it has been a rough week and he is eager for some one on one time.) So, at one point he asked, "what are you watching mommy?" And I replied, "A hot boy on tv" . He quickly said almost annoyed, "he's not HOT mommy, he has a jacket!" Bill Cosby was right, kids do say the darndest things. What a smarty cutie!

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Trisha said...

How cute. I love when little kids say funny things like that! I just caught on all your posts about Sydney and you all being sick. WOW! I am so glad she is doing well and out of the hospital. I can't imagine going through that; I would have been a total wreck. I'm so glad you have family there to help out. It sounds like you've been through a lot! I hope you guys are on your way to recovery if not already there.