Friday, January 9, 2009

No More Sassies!

We finally did it! We got rid of all of Dylan's pacifiers (sassies) before his 3rd birthday! I am so proud! For months we have been trying to get rid of them, but Dylan was holding on for dear life.

Here is what we tried:
-cutting holes in them so that he would say they are broken and would throw them away...he just picked them out of the trash
-taking them cold turkey...he cried and cried until I gave in and gave them back
-Giving him a choice of buying a new toy or treat if he gave me all of them...NOPE
-Leaving them out for the "sassy fairy" to take them and leave a toy in its place...he didn't fall for that one, he said he didn't want a present. Can you believe that!?
-We tried hiding them...he wouldn't even lay down he HAD to go look for them

So a few days ago we had just the thing. I was ready to get those things out of my sons mouth and out of the house. For the last week or so I was working him up into giving his sassies away to his new cousin Casey as a present. He first didn't like the idea, but after a few days he was on board. He woke up the other day and when I showed him a little gift bag with a baby on it and asked if today he wanted to make his cousin happy he said, "YES!" So together we walked around the house collecting every single sassy and putting it in the bag. When we had them all together I reminded him that when we give these away we will not bave any more sassies at night time. He said, "but I make baby Casey happy". I asked if he was going to be sad tonight with no bedtime sassy and again he replied, "no, cause I make baby Casey Happy".

So off we went to Heidis house to see baby Casey. Dylan was so excited. He held the gifts the whole way just staring at his sassies in the bag. When we got to the house he said. "I will just keep this sassy mommy" as he put one in his mouth. I then said, "But sweetie, the baby needs all of the sassies, you are a big boy, you don't need them anymore". He then took another suck and slowly put it in the bag. It was the sweetest thing ever. He ran up to the door and when he got inside he gave his present to the baby. He was so happy.

It has been 5 days since that happened and he has mentioned the sassy a few times, but when we have remind him of where they are and show him a picture of Casey, he hasn't even asked again. I can't believe it worked! It was an emotional time, and when I called Cameron and work to tell him, he became a little teary eyed about it. It was sweet. Our little boy is growing up!


g-ma-ma said...

Who would have thought -- what a sacrifice for DD. He never ceases to amuse and amaze me...LOVE HIM!!!

coco said...

Go DD! I knew he could do it!
(and go Jon and Kate plus 8 ;o)

Britney said...

I didn't know Jon and Kate did that. I had heard about it about a year ago from someone, that's probably where they got it.

Cameron said...

He found a Sassie in the couch yesterday, came and gave it to me and said: "We have-da go give this to Baby Casey!"
Amazing. Brit, you are the Meganut.

Trisha said...

The day I saw this post Macie said goodbye to her pacifier too. However, I love your idea to give them away.