Friday, October 2, 2009

Favorite Daily Moments

Good morning Mommy:
I love mornings when the kids come in to my room to wake me up. They run in laughing, crawl up on my bed, and say "HI MOMMY!" Well, Dylan says this, Sydney just starts breathing heavy and smiling really big. I love it! Dylan crawls up right next to me, gives me a kiss, and always snuggles for about 30 sec. Its the best. Surprisingly this never gets old, (Until of course syd steps on my hair, or Dylan jumps around until he falls off the bed).

Daddy goes to work:
As soon as daddy has given all of his hugs and kisses goodbye and walked down the stairs, Dylan runs to his room screaming, "I forgot to tell daddy something, I forgot to tell daddy something". He is frantic until I run in and open the window so he can give his daddy a message, "I forgot to tell you something daddy...I love you...and and don't get the mail". No kidding, he does this almost every other day. Its super cute.

Sydney's sleeping:
Dylan and I have great quality time every day while Syd is sleeping. My favorite moments are when we do projects and his eyes light up as if we are taking a spaceship to the moon. He gets so excited about cutting and gluing. I also love those days when he will snuggle up on the couch with me while I am feeling nauseous. He will cuddle with me for hours if I let him, it doesn't get much better than that! He is my little snuggle bug!

CC's awake:
When Sydney wakes up from her nap, Dylan runs through her door saying, "hiiiiiiiiii CC". He climbs into bed with her and plays until I come in to take her out of her crib. He loves his little sister, and I can't get enough of watching them play together. They play really well together on most days, (until he turns into a 1 year old and starts dumping everything out everywhere). Syd is really good at helping clean up when Dylan gets in trouble, I hope he doesn't start taking advantage of this as he gets older.

Get in the car:
Everyday we try to get out of the house and go for a the store, friends, a park, the library, etc. The second the car turns on and there is music, I can look in my rear view mirror and see Syd bobbing back and forth to the beat. Sometimes she'll start fussing and I will notice that the music is off, but the second I turn it on, you better believe it, she is dancing and rocking out. Its my favorite!

Nighttime prayers:
Dylan gets three books every night before he goes to bed. He then gets tucked in, says his prayers, Kisses Syd (and me) goodnight, we kiss his three monkeys, and then he falls asleep to The Polor Express cd. The prayer is what gets me every time though. He can be having the hardest time, but when I ask who he wants to say the prayer, he turns over and folds his arms, (without a fight), and says, "you do it". If you have been around Dylan at all during mealtimes you would know that he HAS to say the prayer, he makes huge fuss about it wherever we are. At night however he wants me to do it. As soon as the prayer is over he opens his eyes wide, proud that he kept them closed for "so long". I am so proud of him, what a good boy!

Kids asleep:
Ok so this is more of a selfish love. I love when the kids fall asleep, it reminds me that I have gotten through yet another day, and that my kids are still alive and well! I DID IT! I do love seeing them sleep though, there truly is nothing more beautiful that a sleeping baby. Sometimes I will go into their rooms at night just to watch them sleep, its one of those motherhood moments that puts you in awe of the miracle that you have created. NEVER GETS OLD.

These are the regular moments that take place during my everyday life. Of course there are moments that come and go but these are the ones I can rely on to get me smiling when I need it. I think I will have to do a post on my not so favorite everyday things.


coco said...

Great Post- thanks for sharing! Even though I don't get to see them much, I really feel like I know them :o)

g-ma-ma said...

Good job Britney -- it's great that you see all that good amidst the other "not-so-happy" moments. I love love love the first few years....always have, always will. I'm so glad that we get to see so much first hand now.

Katie said...

you make me want to be a better mom! i'm not even kidding brit. you are an inspiration :)