Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For Today..

For Today : October 21st

Outside my window…a hundred trees whose leaves are just starting to fall, and my hammock which needs to be taken inside. Its getting cold out there!

I am thinking…I am in PATHETIC shape. My legs are sore from walking Sydney up 40 steps yesterday at the park to get to the bathroom. Why when you are pregnant do you become so pathetic? Or is it just me?

I am thankful for… My family of course, but more specifically my husband who does everything...wrong or right, he tries and does it all! I can honestly tell you this, I don't know any man who does as much for his family and wife as Cameron does...Seriously (I am not just saying that because it sounds good, he truly is amazing). (But I kind of don't want him to know that, cause then he might slow shh :)

From the kitchen…My new favorite chili recipe cooking in a crockpot. It is SOOOO good. This is my craving for this pregnancy!

I am wearing…Jeans, red tank, and a black belly is sticking out a mile so I haven't worked up the nerve to bend over and put my shoes on yet, its such a pain.

I am creating…Sydney's Minnie Mouse ears, and a decoupage project that D and I are working on today (a record box for his records in his room).

I am going…to the Disney Store when Sydney wakes up. Today is thier halloween costume parade, fun and games. Free prizes to those wearing Disney...and yes, Dylan's and Syd's costumes this year are perfect for the occasion!

I am reading…Nineteen minutes by Jodi Picoult and What to Expect When you are Expecting

I am hoping… that Sydney and Dylan keep their bowel movements in check today. They need to wear their costumes again tomorrow, and I don't want to have to wash them. Ok, and more importantly, I am really hoping that 17 weeks will mark the end of the nausea in this pregnancy..please oh please!

I am hearing…Dylan talking to his lego guys. He is in quiet time, and so am I...yay!

Around the house…messes need to be cleaned up, but I am refusing to move. I do have some halloween decor up, so festive!

One of my favorite things…is walking in to get Sydney when she has just waken up from her nap. She is so happy, Dylan is so happy, which in return makes mommy so happy!

A few plans for the rest of the week…Costume contest at the library tomorrow, play date on Friday followed by a birthday party that night, and clean up on Sat to prepare for grandma West and Auntie Lindsay to visit! I can't wait! Oh, and sharing time on!

And just a couple of pics of my two favorite kiddos on the planet:

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