Monday, October 26, 2009

Douglasville 5k Moonlight Run 2009

Cameron decided to finally do his first official run! He is starting out with a 5k, hopefully moving up to a 10k and from there has goals to run marathons everywhere. I don't get it! I am so NOT a runner! His goal is to do the St. George run that happens every year which is currently the 13th largest marathon in the United States of America. He is crazy! We decided to go an support this last weekend since we knew we wouldn't have to wait to long for the run to be over. It was freezing outside, but the kids surprisingly loved it! Dylan just kept begging to run, run, run, and Sydney could not keep her eyes off of the runners. Maybe she found her calling in life (running or checking out hot athletes...we shall see).
My handsome boys! I am so proud! Dylan hopped the fence and ran the last block with daddy.
Here are the kids waiting on the sidelines yelling, "go daddy!"
The bouncy house kept Dylan busy during the little wait. It was such a perfect event!


Jacki said...

Once again, the perfect event would be if you came by to say Hi afterward. You could have thrown a rock at my house you were so close.

coco said...

I love the look on CC's face!

Britney said...

Shoot Jacki! I thought we were close...lame! When is story time tomorrow?