Monday, October 5, 2009

Dylan Quote and Song of the day...

Dylan: Mommy, if I didn't have you or daddy, I would eat sugar all day.
Mom: Really? What would you do without a mommy or daddy? Where would you live?
Dylan: Here, in my room.
Mom: But you don't have any money, how would you buy all this sugar?
Dylan: I do have a lot of money mommy, it's in my wallet, and in daddy's closet.
Mom: What will happen when you spend all of your money? How will you get more?
Dylan: Well, I will go to work like daddy and find money on the ground.

I wonder where he gets all of his material for his songs? He even changes pitch on that last note to end it smoothly. So nice D! He's the next James Taylor!


coco said...

Did daddy really break the potty--or is this one of DD's made up stories? Great song.....hilarious sugar story!

Katie said...

LOL...did cameron take a big dump and clog the toilet? such great material to write a song about! haha

Cameron said...

Hahahaha actually I think it was me! It gets clogged all the time.

Cameron said...

oops that was me (brit) responding.